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Bridges & Structures

IBRC FY 2004 Awards

StateProject Name/LocationInnovative Material(s)Bridge Element(s)Approved FY 2004 Funding
ALAL-97 Bridge over I-65FRP Bonded ReinforcementGirders-Concrete T-Beam$ 400,000
ARState Highway 245 Bridge over Interstate 30High Performance ConcreteBridge Rails, Deck Slab$ 347,500
AZI-40 Sunshine Bridge over BNSF RR OP WB, MP 237.10High Performance Concrete, MMFX RebarsDeck Slab$ 400,000
CATower BridgeFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 400,000
COI-25NB over the Purgatoire River; I -25 NB over Main Street; and I-25 over the Great Western RRHigh Performance ConcreteAbutments, Deck Slab, Pier Columns$ 400,000
CTRoute 151 Bridge over the Salmon River (State Project 40-128)High Performance SteelGirders-Steel Plate$ 400,000
DC29th Street Bridge over C&O CanalFRP BeamGirders- FRP I-Beam$ 400,000
DEIndian River Inlet BridgeHigh Performance Concrete, OtherArch, Pier Caps, Stay Cables, Towers$ 200,000
FLKey Royale Drive Bridge over Bimini BayHigh Performance ConcretePiles$ 400,000
HINorth Kahana Stream BridgeSelf Consolidating ConcreteOther$ 400,000
IABoone County Bridge (ID 85-25-031)High Performance ConcreteDeck Slab, Substructure$ 400,000
IAMadison County Bridge (14B-551-100)High Performance ConcreteGirders-Concrete I-Beams, Substructure$ 200,000
IDI-15 Bridge over Center Street ICOtherDeck Slab$ 260,000
ILBabylon Bridge over Spoon River, Lee TownshipCoating/MetalizingDeck Forms, Superstructure$ 400,000
INUS-50 Bridge over Tanners Creek and Service Road, LawrenceburgOtherDeck Slab, Girders-Steel I-Beam$ 300,000
KSRS-831 Bridge over Walnut CreekFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 400,000
KSRS 541 Louisville Road Bridge over Rock CreekFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 400,000
KYI-65 Bridge over Main Street, LouisvilleFRP OtherPier Caps$ 140,000
KYWebster County Bridge 50, Crab Orchard CreekOtherDeck Slab$ 345,000
LAElm Grove Garden Road BridgeFRP Reinforcing GridPier Columns$ 225,000
MAUS 1 NB Bridge over I-95 NB & SBGalvanizing, High Performance Concrete, MMFX RebarsSuperstructure, Bridge Rails, Deck Slab$ 400,000
MDMD-214 Bridge over Patuxent RiverFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 400,000
MEWaldo-Hancock Bridge over Penobscot RiverOtherStay Cables$ 400,000
MIM-50 Bridge over Grand RiverSelf Consolidating ConcreteGirders-Concrete Box$ 200,000
MIM-43 Bridge over Sebewa DrainClad Stainless Steel RebarsDeck Slab$ 58,000
MNTH 8 Bridge over Center Lake Channel, 0.8 mi east of Center CityOtherPier Caps, Pier Columns, Prestressed Slab Bridge$ 400,000
MOState Route T Bridge over Fiddle CreekOtherPier Caps$ 35,000
MOUS 69 Bridge over I-35FRP Other, FRP RebarDeck Slab$ 108,200
MOBig Bend Bridge NB over I-44Coating/Metalizing, OtherDeck Slab, Girders-Concrete Box, Substructure$ 25,000
MOFR-148 Bridge over Pearson CreekFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 32,000
NCSR1102 Bridge over I-77High Performance SteelGirders-Steel I-Beam$ 400,000
NCSR 1214 over Long CreekHigh Performance ConcreteSuperstructure$ 400,000
NEPacific Bridge over I-680High Performance Concrete, High Performance Steel, OtherGirders-Concrete I-Beams, Superstructure, None$ 300,000
NE262nd Street Bridge over I-80High Performance Steel, OtherOther, Girders-Steel Box$ 400,000
NHMosquito Bridge, US Route 3 and NH Route 11 over Lake WinnisquamFRP Reinforcing Grid, High Performance Concrete, Self Consolidating ConcreteDeck Slab$ 400,000
NMDona Ana Interchange BridgeHigh Performance ConcreteGirders-Concrete Bulb "TEEs"$ 400,000
NMGobernador CrossingMMFX RebarsDeck Slab$ 65,000
NYCR 68 Bridge over Little White CreekFRP Rebar, GalvanizingDeck Slab, Girders-Steel I-Beam$ 153,700
NYBemus-Ellery Road Bridge over Bemus CreekOtherAbutments, Substructure, Superstructure$ 250,000
OHRussell Road Bridge over Br. of Mill CreekFRP BeamFloorbeams$ 74,250
OKI-40 Bridge over Business I-40 in SayreHigh Performance ConcreteDeck Slab$ 225,000
ORI-84 Bridge over Lime Interchange and Union Pacific RailroadHigh Performance SteelGirders-Steel I-Beam$ 400,000
PABoulevard of the Allies Bridge over Forbes AvenueHigh Performance Concrete, High Performance SteelGirders-Steel I-Beam$ 332,000
PATR-776 Bridge over English RunFRP Deck PanelDeck Slab$ 134,000
PRBridge 281 at PR-139 (km 2.5)Clad Stainless Steel Rebars, FRP Deck Panel, FRP Rebar, OtherDeck Slab, Superstructure, Abutments, Bridge Rails$ 400,000
RIProvidence River BridgeHigh Performance Concrete, High Performance Steel, OtherGirders-Concrete I-Beams, Arch Tie Girder, Cables$ 320,000
SCSC 377 Bridge over Black RiverSelf Consolidating ConcreteGirders-Concrete I-Beams$ 390,933
SDTea InterchangeOtherDeck Slab$ 96,000
TXIH35 NB & SB ML over Hill RoadOtherSuperstructure$ 400,000
TXLive Oak Creek BridgeOtherDeck Slab, Pier Caps$ 270,000
TXEighteen Mile Creek Bridge carrying FM 1961OtherDeck Slab$ 400,000
UTUS 6 Bridge over UPRRHigh Performance Steel, MMFX RebarsGirders-Steel I-Beam, Deck Slab$ 400,000
VARoute 17 Bridge over Route 15 and Route 29High Performance Concrete, Other, Self Consolidating ConcreteDeck Slab, Girders-Concrete Bulb "TEEs"$ 400,000
VARoute 58 Bridge over Cove CreekOtherDeck Slab$ 400,000
VARoute 58 Bridge over Big Moccasin Creek (WB)High Performance Concrete, OtherGirders-Concrete Bulb "TEEs"$ 347,167
VTBridge #8 FAS 0166 over the White RiverHigh Performance SteelGirders-Steel Plate$ 168,000
WAWilliam Bugge BridgeHigh Performance ConcreteSuperstructure$ 400,000
WICTH BB over IH 39FRP Deck Panel, FRP Reinforcing Grid, High Performance ConcreteDeck Forms, Deck Slab$ 400,000
WINorth Bound off ramp from North Bound I-43 to Tory Hill of the Marquette InterchangeSolid Stainless Steel RebarsDeck Slab$ 400,000
WVHoney Creek BridgeHigh Performance Concrete, High Performance SteelDeck Slab, Girders-Steel Plate$ 400,000
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