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Railroad Protective Insurance

Formerly Federal-aid Policy Guide Non-Regulatory Supplement 23 CFR 646 A,
July 6, 2005, Transmittal 34
See Order 1321.1C FHWA Directives Management

  1. Amount of Coverage (23 CFR 646.111)
    1. In determining whether a larger dollar amount of coverage is necessary for a particular project, consideration should be given to:
      1. the size of the project in question,
      2. the amount and type of railroad traffic passing through the project area,
      3. the volume of highway traffic in the project area, including traffic generated by the contractor's activities, and
      4. the safety rating, if available, for the contractor involved in the particular project.
    2. The decision of the Division Administrator as to Federal participation in railroad protective insurance exceeding the dollar amounts in 23 CFR 646.111, paragraph (a), should ordinarily be final. Exceptional or unusual cases should be referred by the field offices to the FHWA Washington Headquarters, Office of Safety Design, for decision.


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Updated: 04/04/2011

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