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Construction Program Management and Inspection Guide

Appendix B (Part 2 continued)

Examples: Good, Fair, and Poor Quality Control Plan Elements

  • Guardrail, Preliminary
    • Poor: All guardrail materials will be checked for contract compliance before use. All employees are empowered to inspect and reject materials not complying with the contract.
    • Fair: All guardrail materials will be checked by the Quality Control Technician (QCT) for contract compliance before use. Materials not in compliance will be isolated and rejected. Survey crew will layout guardrail in accordance with the plans before construction.
    • Good: Upon delivery of guardrail, posts, and hardware, QCT will check for proper identification, certification, and damage during shipment. Before scheduled construction, components will be reinventoried, checked, and compared to layout requirements. QCT will review layout procedures with the Project Engineer (PE). Will coordinate with survey crew on stakeout. Will check each stakeout for possible transition problems. Will notify the PE of opportunity to check.
  • Guardrail, Startup
    • Poor: QCT will inspect guardrail crew's operations during startup. Any deficiencies will be brought to the attention of the Foreman.
    • Fair: QCT will continuously work with stakeout crew and installation crew when operations begin, to assure a common understanding of contract requirements and standards/tolerances etc.
    • Good: Prior to scheduled beginning of installation, QCT will verify that stakeout has been accomplished in accordance with requirements. QCT will go over a checklist of required quality characteristics with the Foreman. The Foreman will be responsible for routine quality monitoring after startup.
  • Guardrail, Production
    • Poor: The QCT will periodically check on operations during construction to assure contract compliance.
    • Fair: The QCT will inspect installation operations every day to verify specification compliance and document completion of each installation.
    • Good: The QCT will inspect installation operations at least twice a day, verifying compliance with stakeout, as well as rail height, post plumbness, etc. The QCT (or the Foreman if QCT is not available) will document completed work and cleanup and advise the PE of such completed work for acceptance. Additional inspection/training will be provided if installation crew personnel changes or deficiencies are noted.
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