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Construction Program Guide

Construction Manager / General Contractor Project Delivery

The Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) project delivery method allows an owner to engage a construction manager during the design process to provide constructibility input. The Construction Manager is generally selected on the basis of qualifications, past experience or a best-value basis. During the design phase, the construction manager provides input regarding scheduling, pricing, phasing and other input that helps the owner design a more constructible project. At approximately an average of 60% to 90% design completion, the owner and the construction manager negotiate a 'guaranteed maximum price' for the construction of the project based on the defined scope and schedule. If this price is acceptable to both parties, they execute a contract for construction services, and the construction manager becomes the general contractor. The CM/GC delivery method is also called the Construction Manager at-Risk (CMR) method by state law in some states.

  1. Authority/Legal Basis - Laws

    • Section 1303 of MAP-21 authorizes contracting agencies to use the CM/GC project delivery method. SEP-14 approval is no longer necessary as long as the contracting agency complies with the statutory provisions in Section 1303.
  2. Regulations

    • MAP-21 Section 1303 requires FHWA to promulgate regulations as are necessary to implement the statutory provisions. FHWA anticipates issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for those regulations in 2014.
  3. Orders

    • None
  4. Policy

    • None
  5. General Information

Updated: 02/18/2014
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