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Interstate Technical Group on Abandoned Underground Mines: Group Information

About the Group: A group of technically oriented individuals responsible for the remediation of underground mines beneath transportation facilities.

Common Area of Interest: The flow of information related to abandoned underground mines beneath transportation facilities.

Goals: 1. Generate and disseminate information.
 2. Obtain outside funding or cooperatively share in the costs of research
 or other mutually beneficial efforts.

Group Members:

Mr. Willard L. Sitz, P. G.
Chief Geologist
Alabama Department of Transportation
Bureau of Materials and Tests
3700 Fairground Road
Montgomery, AL 36110
Phone: 334-206-2279
Fax: 334-264-6263
E-mail: sitzw@dot.state.al.us

Federal Highway Administration
Mr. Thomas Lefchik
Asst. Bridge and Technology Transfer Engineer (retired)

Mr. Matt DeMarco
Geotechnical Engineer
Federal Highway Administration
Central Federal Lands
P.O. Box 25246 HTS-16.6
Denver, CO 80225
Phone: (720)963-3520
Fax: (303)236-3405
E-mail: matthew.demarco@fhwa.dot.gov

Mr. Khamis Haramy
Geotechnical Engineer
Federal Highway Administration
Post Office Box 25246, HMT-16.6
Denver, CO 80225
Phone: (720)963-3521
Fax: (303)236-3405
E-mail: Khamis.Haramy@fhwa.dot.gov

Federal Railroad Administration
Mr. Chet Rhodes Jr.
Safety Inspector
DOT/FRA Railroad (Track)
195 Alpha Park
Highland Heights, OH 44143-2230
Phone: (216)522-4890
Fax: (216)522-4890
E-Mail: chet.rhodes@fra.dot.gov

Heather Shoup, P.E
Central Office Geotechnical Engineer
Bureau of Materials & Physical Research
Illinois Department of Transportation
126 E. Ash Street
Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 785-9972 phone
(217) 782-2572 fax
Email: Heather.Shoup@illinois.gov

Jon Paauwe
Geotechnical Geologist III
Indiana Department of Transportation
Materials and Tests Division
120 South Shortridge Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219
Phone: (317)610-7251, extension 229
Fax: (317)356-9351
E-Mail: jpaauwe@indot.in.gov

Mr. Matthew Trainum
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: (515)239-1476
Fax: (515)239-1873
E-Mail: Matthew.Trainum@dot.iowa.gov

Mr. Bob Henthorne
Chief Geologist
Kansas Department of Transportation
Material and Research Center
2300 Van Buren
Topeka, KS 66611-1195
Phone: (785)291-3860
Fax: (785)296-2526
E-Mail: roberth@ksdot.org

Kyle Halverson
Topeka Regional Geologist
Kansas Department of Transportation
Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services
Topeka, KS
Phone: 785-291-3862
E-Mail: kyleh@ksdot.org

Mr. James Grider
Division of Professional Services
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Rm. 610
501 High Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40622
Phone: (502)564-4555
Fax: (502)564-0991
E-Mail: jamescgrider@ky.gov

Mr. Christian Wallover
Engineering Technologist
Kentucky Dept. of Highways,
Geotechnical Branch
1236 Wilkinson Blvd.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502)564-2374
Fax: (502)564-4839
E-Mail: christian.wallover@ky.gov

Eric Dougherty, Chief
Engineering Geology Division
Office of Materials Technology
Maryland State Highway Administration
7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, MD 21076
Phone: 443-572-5171
Fax: 443-695-0939
E-Mail: edougherty@sha.state.md.us

Mr. Richard Endres
Foundation Analysis Engineer
Michigan Department of Transportation
Secondary Governmental Complex
8885 Ricks Road
P.O. Box 30049
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517)322-1207
Fax: (517)322-5664
E-Mail: endresr@michigan.gov

Mr. Jason L. Richter, P.G
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Office of Materials/Geotechnical Engineering Section
1400 Gervais Avenue, MS 645
Maplewood, MN 55109-2044
Phone: (651) 366-5453
Fax: (651) 366-5510
E-mail: jason.richter@state.mn.us

Mr. George Davis
Geotechnical Liaison
Missouri Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 270
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573)526-4344
Fax: (573)526-4345
E-Mail: george.davis@modot.mo.gov

Natural Resources Canada
Dr. Marc C. Bétournay
Senior Scientist
Natural Resources Canada
555 Booth Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1A 0G1
Phone: (613)995-1147
E-Mail: mbetourn@nrcan.gc.ca

Abbas Bafghi, P.E.
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnical Section-Materials Division
Nevada Department of Transportation
1263 S. Stewart Street
Carson City, Nevada 89712
Phone: (775)888-7876
Fax: (775)888-7501
E-mail: abafghi@dot.state.nv.us

New Jersey
John P. Jamerson
Project Engineer, Geology
New Jersey Department of Transportation
Geotechnical Engineering Unit
1035 Parkway Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609)-530-3733
Fax: (609)-530-2704
email: John.Jamerson@dot.state.nj.us

New York
Ms. Priscilla Duskin
Engineer Geologist III
NYDOT, Geotechnical Engineering Bureau
1220 Washington Avenue, Building 7
Albany, NY 12232-0863
Phone: (518)457-4731
Fax: (518)457-8080
E-Mail: pduskin@dot.state.ny.us

North Dakota
Mr. William Dodd
N. Dakota Public Service Commission
State Capital
Bismarck, ND 58505-0480
Phone: (701)328-4101
Fax: (701)328-2410
E-Mail: wdodd@nd.gov

Brian K. Logston, P.E
Ohio Department of Transportation
Office of Geotechnical Engineering
Design Resources Section
1600 W. Broad St., Rm 2033
Columbus, OH 43223-1102
Phone: 614-275-1398
Fax: 614-887-4088
E-Mail: brian.logston@dot.state.oh.us

Ontario, Canada
Mr. Chris Hamblin
Project Manager
Abandoned Mines Rehabilitation Fund
4th Floor, 933 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, Ontario
Canada, P3E 6B5
Phone: (705) 670-5806 or
1-888-415-9845 ext. 5806
Cell: (705)670-4952
Fax: (705)670-5803
E-Mail: chris.hamblin@ndm.gov.on.ca

Mr. Dennis Neff
Assistant Geotechnical Engineer
PennDOT Bureau of Project Delivery
81 Lab Lane
Harrisburg PA 17120
Phone: 814-762-5020
Fax: 814-765-0837
E-Mail: dneff@pa.gov

Pennsylvania Turnpike
Mr. Kenneth M. Heirendt
P.G., Manager-Geotech.Engr
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
2200 North Center Avenue
New Stanton, PA 15672
Phone: (724)755-5187
Fax: (724)755-5142
E-Mail: kheirend@paturnpike.com

Clay Stowers, CPG, P.E.
870 Bonham Road
Bristol, VA 24201
Office: 276-669-9953
Cell: 276-623-3710
E-mail: CD.Stowers@VDOT.Virginia.gov

Dr. Brian Bruckno, PhD, PG
District Engineering Geologist
Virginia Department of Transportation
811 Commerce Rd
Staunton, VA 24401
Phone: (540) 480-5896
Fax: (540) 332-9181
E-Mail: brian.bruckno@vdot.virginia.gov

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