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Arrow All-Weather Pavement Marking System

All-Weather Pavement Marking System. Wet road conditions make it difficult for drivers to see conventional pavement markings, a situation that is especially hazardous in work zones where lane shifts are common. The All-weather Pavement Marking System incorporates specially designed wet reflective optical materials into pavement marking paint to make it easier for drivers to see markings on wet roads and respond appropriately. 3M will use the grant to adapt its product for cost-effective temporary use in work zones. Award amount: $499,277.



All Weather Paint New York Thruway - Video 1 (0:28 sec.)

Taken at night with light rain conditions on the New York Thruway illustrates the difference between conventional epoxy with 1.5 index beads and 3M's All Weather paint.
Window Media Player (2.7 mb)

All Weather Paint for Work Zone - Video 2 (6:30 min.)

Demonstration of the technology in a controlled environment with a rain simulator and at an experimental site where three different formulations of the All-Weather-Paint were evaluated by drivers, together with the conventional pavement markings and a temporary wet-weather tape. Window Media Player (10 mb)


Temporary All-Weather Pavement Markings for Work Zones - Powerpoint Presentation

Project Team: 3M and TTI
Award: $499,277
PDF Version (1 kb)

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