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Indiana Division

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Our People

The Indiana Division office is dedicated to delivering the best Federal-aid program possible. We are organized into the basic teams of: the Division Administrator, Finance & Administration, Planning, Environment, Right-of-Way, Civil Rights & Local Programs (PERCL), and Engineering Services & Infrastructure. You may contact any of the teams by calling or by e-mail any of the identified team leaders.

Office of Division Administrator
Rick Marquis, Division Administrator (317) 226-7476
Ken Woodruff, Civil Rights Program Manager
(317) 226-0542
Jermaine Hannon, Assistant Division Administrator (317) 226-7483
Robert Dirks, Innovation Program Manager
(317) 226-7492
Vacant, Transportation Performance Management and Asset Management
(317) 226-7478


Finance and Administration Team
Mark Newland, Finance Manager Team Leader (317) 226-7482
Laura Britton, Resource Management & Quality Program Specialist
(317) 226-5323
Pamela Davis, Financial Specialist
(317) 226-7484
Tony Perkinson, Financial Specialist
(317) 226-7479
Vacant, Administrative Assistant
(317) 226-0543


Planning, Environment, Right-of-Way and Civil Rights & Local Programs Team
Janice Osadczuk, Planning, Environment, Right-of-Way, Civil Rights & Local Programs Team Leader (317) 226-7486
Larry Heil, Air Quality/Environmental Specialist
(317) 226-7480
Joyce Newland, Planning/Environmental Specialist
(317) 226-5353
Michelle Allen, Planning/ Environmental Specialist
(317) 226-7344
Colleen Smith, ROW Program Manager
(317) 226-5234
Leslie Lahndt, Transportation Engineer
(317) 226-7481


Engineering Services & Infrastructure Team
Jay DuMontelle, Engineering Services & Infrastructure Team Leader (317) 226-7491
Rick Drumm, Safety Engineer
(317) 226-7487
Tom Duncan, Pavement/Materials Engineer
(317) 226-5622
Keith Hoernschemeyer, Bridge Engineer
(317) 226-7490
Karen Stippich, Traffic Operations Engineer
(317) 226-7122
Eryn Fletcher, Sr. Transportation Engineer / TE Functional Manager
(317) 226-7489
Joiner Lagpacan, Transportation Engineer
(317) 226-5617
Mohammad Hajeer, Transportation Engineer
(317) 226-7339

Who to Contact

To better address your questions, the following list has been developed to guide you. The list is by subject. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know. We will continue to update this list as needed.

For questions about a specific project, please contact the appropriate transportation engineer:

Project Location NEPA/Planning Design/Construction
Crawfordsville District Larry Heil Joiner Lagpacan
Fort Wayne District Joyce Newland Eryn Fletcher
Greenfield District Larry Heil Eryn Fletcher
LaPorte District Joyce Newland Tom Duncan
Seymour District Michelle Allen Mohammad Hajeer
Vincennes District Michelle Allen Joiner Lagpacan

General Information
Affirmative Action/DBE Ken Woodruff
Air Quality Larry Heil
Bridges Keith Hoernschemeyer
Civil Rights Ken Woodruff
Construction Program Eryn Fletcher
Contract Administration Eryn Fletcher
Design Policy Eryn Fletcher
Emergency Program Management Karen Stippich
Environment Michelle Allen
Finance/Federal-aid Funding Mark Newland
Tony Perkinson
Pamela Davis
Geotechnical & Hydraulics Keith Hoernschemeyer
Intelligent Transportation Systems/Operations Karen Stippich
Local Program Administration Leslie Lahndt
Pavement & Materials Tom Duncan
Performance Management Analysis/Asset Management/HPMS Vacant
Planning Joyce Newland
Research & Technology Deployment Janice Osadcuk
Right-of-Way Activities Colleen Smith
Safety Rick Drumm

Customer Feedback

You, the public, are our primary customer and we want to know how you think we are doing. Whether it is a compliment or complaint, we would appreciate your taking a moment to share your comments. If you are willing and interested, you can "click" below and send us your comments, or write to us at:

Federal Highway Administration
575 North Pennsylvania Street, Room 254
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204


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