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General and Travel

Ascher, Kate, The Works: Anatomy of a City, Penguin Books, 2005. (The book combines text, maps, and graphics to describe how New York City functions. The first section, "Moving People," discusses streets, subways, bridges, and tunnels in New York City (pages 2-55), while the second section, "Moving Freight," covers rail freight, maritime freight, air cargo, and markets (pages 58-89).) (listed 10/01/13)

Caputo, Philip, The Longest Road: Overland in Search of America, from Key West to the Arctic Ocean, Henry Holt and Company, 2013. (Caputo and his wife Leslie drive from Key West, Florida to the Deadhorse oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, over 8,300 miles, mainly off the Interstates, with an Airstream in tow. The narratives of driving the Alaska Highway and Dalton Trail are especially interesting.) (listed 10/01/13)

Cruikshank, Dan, Bridges: Heroic Designs That Changed the World, HarperCollins, 2010 (listed 10/01/13)

DeYoung, Bill, Skyway: The True Story of Tampa Bay's Signature Bridge and the Man Brought it Down, University Press of Florida, 2013. (The story of construction of the original Sunshine Skyway bridge, its collapse after being struck by the Summit Venture freighter, and the aftermath. (listed 10/01/13)

DiMento, Joseph F.C., and Ellis, Cliff, Changing Lanes: Visions and Histories of Urban Freeways, The MIT Press, 2013. (The book, according to the book jacket, describes "the evolution of the urban freeway in the United States, from its rural parkway precursors through the construction of the interstate highway system to emerging alternatives for more sustainable urban transportation.") (listed 5/08/13)

Sitler, Kevin D., and Sitler, Richard N., The Sunshine Skyway Bridge Spanning Tampa Bay, The History Press, 2013. (This book tells the story of the bridges that have spanned Tampa Bay.) (listed 09/12/13)

Tent, M.B.W, A 1928 Road Trip: From the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts to the National Parks of the American West, lulu.com, 2011. (Ms. Tent's narrative reconstructs a family trip by her grandparents and their four children in 1928, from Massachusetts to California, partly on U.S. 20, and from Los Angeles home, partly on U.S. 66. Provides an interesting impression of what such a road trip was like for a family that had never taken such a vacation: 36 days, 8,084 miles, total cost: $776.) (listed 09/12/13)

Interstate System

Lewis, Tom, Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life, Updated Edition, Cornell University Press, 2013, p. 294-297. This updated edition of the 1997 book includes a chapter called "Buried Desires" that focuses on the Central Artery/Tunnel project in Boston (the "Big Dig") and the changing attitudes about highways in the years after major construction of the Interstate System ended.) (listed 06/12/13)

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