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Stewardship and Oversight Agreement

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Appendix E – T/LGA PS&E Checklist

Project Data

Federal Project Number


NMDOT Control Number


Project Name


Route Number, Section and Mileposts




Project Description


Engineer’s Estimate


Contract ID


Letting Date


PS&E Checklist review complete and ready for Authorization.


Engineer’s Signature:




General References

Regulations and Guidance

General Federal-Aid Requirements

Reference (23 CFR x)






Is this project programmed in the currently approved STIP?





Is this project in an MPO area?




If so, is it programmed in the MTP and/or TIP?
MTP Ref. __________  
TIP Ref. ___________





Does the FMIS project description match the description and funds in the TIP/STIP?





Is the authorization request a conversion of a non Federal-aid funded project?








If so, does the project meet and document compliance with all Federal-aid requirements?




If so, does the authorization request include only those costs anticipated after authorization/obligation of funds?





Has a Value Engineering (VE) Study been conducted? 
(Required for projects > $25 Million, > $20 Million for bridge projects)





Are any design exceptions incorporated into this project? 




If so, list design exception(s):
Date Approved __________





Does the project involve new or revised Interstate Access?




If so, has the Interchange Justification/Modification Study been approved by the NMDOT and FHWA?
Date Approved __________




635-Subpart B

Is the project being competitively bid? 




Is NMDOT or local force account construction work to be utilized on this project?




If so, has an emergency determination, or Cost Effective Determination been approved by the NMDOT and FHWA?
Type of Approval: __________
Date Approved: __________





Are any materials to be supplied by the Local Public Agency or the NMDOT?
List Material(s): ______________________________________________




If so, has a Public Interest Finding (PIF) been approved by the NMDOT and FHWA?  Date Approved __________





Are patented or proprietary materials shown in the plans or specifications? 
List Material(s)/Product(s): ______________________________________________




If so, has the use of the proprietary material been approved by the NMDOT and FHWA?
Date Approved __________




Federal-aid Policy Guide G 6042.4

Are experimental features utilized on this project?
List Experimental Feature(s):




If so, has a Work Plan been approved by the NMDOT and FHWA?  Date Approved __________





Warranties are approved.





Is the project located within 2 miles of an airport?




If so, has the project been coordinated with FAA?




If so, are air-highway clearances adequate for safe movement of traffic?





Safety improvements are commensurate with level of work proposed.





Appropriate review of the PS&E package has been completed by the NMDOT and FHWA.





Plans have been approved by the appropriate official (PE if required).





All comments and issues from previous review reports, meeting summaries, etc. been satisfactorily addressed.






Environmental documentation for the project has been approved. (select appropriate approval)
Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (PCE) 
Categorical Exclusion
Environmental Assessment (EA) / FONSI 
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) / ROD 
Date Approved:  __________





Is a reassessment or re-evaluation of the environmental document needed?





Required public hearing transcripts have been received and accepted.





Are noise walls included in the project?





Have environmental commitments been incorporated into the final design and contract documents? (select all that apply)
Historic Preservation (36 CFR 800)
Stream/Wetland Mitigation (23 CFR 777)
Noise Abatement  (23 CFR 772)
Section 4f (23 CFR 771.135)
Endangered Species Act  (50 CFR 402.12(c))
Other __________





Public interest findings are documented for mandatory waste or borrow sites.





Have all environmental permits for the project been secured?





Is the contractor responsible for obtaining any permits or external agency approvals for this project? 




If so, what Permit/Agency Approval(s) are required?






ROW certification has been approved.
Date Approved: __________





ROW acquisition and relocation is complete.





The acquired ROW is adequate to facilitate construction of the project.





If the ROW will not be clear prior to authorization, are proper stipulations contained in the proposal?




If so, list restrictions on the contractor:




If so, when is it estimated the Right-of-Way will be clear? ______________________________________________






Utility certification has been approved.
Date Approved: __________





Have utility agreements for all utilities affected by this project been completed and approved?





Have all utilities affected by this project been relocated or will be relocated prior to advertisement? 





If all utilities have not been relocated prior to advertisement, does the proposal include a special provision stipulating utility coordination with the prime contractor for each utility?





If utility relocation is required, the approved NTC is included in the contract documents.  






Railroad certification has been approved.
Date Approved: __________





Does the project require use of or adjustment of railroad facilities?





If so, railroad insurance is provided.





If so, agreement is in writing between the NMDOT and Railroad.





If so, adequate railroad grade crossing warning devices are provided.




Work Zone


Work Zone checklists J and K have been completed.














Consultant design Name of consultant: ­­_________________





Do the contract plans contain the following:




Cover Sheet, Vicinity Map, Index, General Notes




Typical Sections




Summary of Quantities




Plan Sheets




Profile Sheets




Drainage Sheets




Cross Sections




Traffic Control Plans




Signing and Striping Plans




Lighting Plans




Traffic Signal Plans




Special Detail Sheets




Structure/Bridge Plans




Utility Relocation Plans




Other: ____________________________________________





Does the cover sheet include all required information (project number, NMDOT control number, termini, county, route, milepost, etc.)?





Do the contract plans describe the location and design features and the construction requirements in sufficient detail to facilitate construction and the estimation of construction costs of the project?





Does the project utilize the current version of the NMDOT Standard Drawings?





Are local standard drawings, sepia drawings, or special details incorporated into the project?





If so, have they been reviewed and approved by NMDOT and FHWA?  Date Approved: __________





Are the details, typical sections and profile sheets adequate to show the complexity of work?





Have all pay items been checked against the construction plans?





Have all bridge plans been reviewed by Division Bridge/Structures Engineer and comments resolved?





Are Right-of-Way, easement, and control of access lines shown on the plans?





Appropriate measures to ensure environmental conditions and commitments are met are clearly shown on the plans.





Have provisions to minimize water pollution and soil erosion been included in the plans?





Have geometric design standards been met for:




Design Speed




Lane Width




Shoulder Width




Structural Capacity




Horizontal Alignment




Vertical Alignment








Stopping Sight Distance




Cross Slope




Super elevation




Horizontal Clearance




Vertical Clearance





Is the pavement design adequate?





Does the design conform to Federal-aid design standards for geometric and structural design of highways and/or NMDOT policy and guidance manuals?





Are the clear zone and safety appurtenances provided for this project in accordance with the current edition of the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide?





Are all traffic control devices provided with this project consistent with the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)?












630 (J)

Is a temporary traffic control plan provided and consistent with regulations on Work Zone Safety & Mobility?




Has the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) been approved by NMDOT and FHWA?
Date Approved: __________





Traffic management plan is approved and included.





Are appropriate accommodations provided for bicyclists and pedestrians along the project and intersecting roadways?





Are pedestrian facilities designed in accordance Americans with Disabilities Act requirements? 
( http://www.access-board.gov/





Are pedestrian and bike routes pursuant to an overall plan?





Is the required hydraulic data shown on the plans?





Are the details sufficient to describe the required installation of drainage facilities including culverts, erosion control structures, headwalls, inlets, and manholes?





Overall plan quality is generally acceptable.








Contract Documents







Does the project utilize the current version of the NMDOT Standard Specifications?



Are local specifications or supplemental specifications utilized on the project?



If so, have they been reviewed and approved by the NMDOT and FHWA?  Date Approved: __________



Special Provisions and Supplemental Specifications are satisfactory.



Special Provisions contain commitments for environmental mitigation (which is contained in the environmental documentation).



Specifications contain the written instructions for constructing the project.



Supplemental Specifications cover new or additional construction items or substantial changes regarding items not included in the standard specifications.



Are all pay items covered by an appropriate specification that agrees with the plans for basis of payment?



Detailed description of the work, materials, construction methods, measurement method, basis of payment, and pay item for each item of work is outlined.



Contract time is acceptable.



Appropriate documents from the NMDOT “Boiler Plate for Federal Funded Projects” have been included in the contract documents.  
Local Government Agreement Unit Boiler Plate for Federal Projects (PDF)











Does the estimate include a pay item for all work included in the plans?




Are all estimated unit prices reasonable and comparable to average unit bid prices or construction industry trends?




Are Federal-aid non-participating items included in this project?




If so, non-participating items separately listed in the estimate and/or plans include items: __________




Is the amount of the estimate consistent with the amount of Federal-aid funding requested for the construction phase?




Engineer’s Estimate unit prices are reasonable for the areas, times, and characteristics of the work to be done.




Unit prices have been reviewed to determine if changes in estimated unit prices are needed to reflect any trends that have occurred within the past 3-6 months.




Incentive/disincentive or escalation clauses have been considered in determining the estimated unit costs.




Estimate includes an item number, description of the item, estimated quantity, unit, and price for each proposed item of work.




Haul road restoration item is provided.




State option borrow costs are provided.




Salvage credit is shown.




Utility and railroad force account work is covered.




Class and breakdown of funding are correct for highway classification.







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