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Section VI: International Comparison and Selected Metric Tables

Note: Published indicates the originally published data as printed and first put on this webpage. The Updated, if any, includes the latest update since original release due to modifications by State resubmittals, etc. The data on this page is being supplied in .HTM, .PDF, and Excel 2000 .EXE files. We put the Original and Updated on this page for users to keep track of the sequence of changes (if any).

1999 International Data for Selected Countries: (Background Information)

Social and demographic characteristics (Table IN-1)in1.pdf (66 KB)in1.xls (54 KB)  
Road system measures (Table IN-2)in2.pdf (51 KB)in2.xls (81 KB)  
Transportation indicators (Table IN-3)in3.pdf (52 KB)in3.xls (82 KB)  
Vehicle travel (Table IN-4)in4.pdf (70 KB)in4.xls (205 KB)  
Fuel Prices and Economic indicators (Table IN-5)in56.pdf (49 KB)in56.xls (86 KB)  
Fatalities and fatality rates for selected countries (Table IN-6)in56.pdf (49 KB)in56.xls (86 KB)  

Selected Metric Tables:

Motor Fuel Useage:

Motor-fuel use (Table MF-21M)mf21m.pdf (71 KB)mf21m.xls (79 KB)  
Estimated use of gasohol (Table MF-33EM)mf33em.pdf (49 KB)mf33em.xls (36 KB)  

Public road length in the United States, classified by:

ownership (Table HM-10M)hm10m.pdf (54 KB)hm10m.xls (33 KB)03/17/2003hm10mr.pdf (251 KB)hm10mr.xls (33 KB)
type of surface and jurisdiction / functional system (Table HM-12M)hm12m.pdf (50 KB)hm12m.xls (27 KB)03/17/2003hm12mr.pdf (150 KB)hm12mr.xls (24 KB)
ownership and Federal-aid highway-national (Table HM-16M)hm16m.pdf (45 KB)hm16m.xls (27 KB)03/17/2003hm16mr.pdf (108 KB)hm16mr.xls (26 KB)
functional system and Federal-aid highways - National (Table HM-18M)hm18m.pdf (46 KB)hm18m.xls (28 KB)03/17/2003hm18mr.pdf (127 KB)hm18mr.xls (28 KB)
functional system (Table HM-20M)hm20m.pdf (53 KB)hm20m.xls (41 KB)03/17/2003hm20mr.pdf (277 KB)hm20mr.xls (42 KB)

Federal-aid highways length, classified by:

ownership (Table HM-14M)hm14m.pdf (155 KB)hm14m.xls (71 KB)03/17/2003hm14mr.pdf (769 KB)hm14mr.xls (73 KB)
system (Table HM-15M)hm15m.pdf (52 KB)hm15m.xls (47 KB)03/17/2003hm15mr.pdf (329 KB)hm15mr.xls (48 KB)
traffic lanes and access control-national (Table HM-36M)hm36m.pdf (46 KB)hm36m.xls (31 KB)03/17/2003hm36mr.pdf (145 KB)hm36mr.xls (30 KB)

National Highway System length, classified by:

open and not open to traffic (Table HM-30M)hm30m.pdf (49 KB)hm30m.xls (39 KB)03/17/2003hm30mr.pdf (271 KB)hm30mr.xls (40 KB)

Functional system data:

ownership (Table HM-50M)hm50m.pdf (200 KB)hm50m.xls (104 KB)03/17/2003hm50mr.pdf (1.17 MB)hm50mr.xls (106 KB)
rural and urban lane-kilometers, estimated (Table HM-60M)hm60m.pdf (53 KB)hm60m.xls (40 KB)03/17/2003hm60mr.pdf (278 KB)hm60mr.xls (40 KB)

Highway useage and performance:

Vehicle-kilometers of travel, by highway category and vehicle type (Table VM-1M)vm1m.pdf (47 KB)vm1m.xls (26 KB)   
Vehicle-kilometers of travel, by functional system (Table VM-2M)vm2m.pdf (52 KB)vm2m.xls (42 KB)03/17/2003vm2mr.pdf (278 KB)vm2mr.xls (42 KB)
Vehicle kilometers of travel, by Federal-aid highways (Table VM-3M)vm3m.pdf (55 KB)vm3m.xls (39 KB)03/17/2003vm3mr.pdf (332 KB)vm3mr.xls (49 KB)

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