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EMC Cement

You are invited to attend a presentation on EMC Technology

  • Date: January 18, 2011
  • Location: DOT Building West Bld. Room 6 (for those in WA DC)
  • Location 2:; 1-888-675-2535 (code 6258309) (for remote participants)
  • Time: 9:00am to 12:00n

EMC Technology

EMC cements and pozzolans are produced through a patented process of surface activation grinding of Portland cement together with pozzolans or fine quartz sand. The multiple high intensity activation technology increases the reactive surface area while also resolving inherent performance challenges. For example, natural pozzolans are very rarely used because of the porosity of the particles which in turn increases water demand and reduces strength development. The use of high levels of pozzolans go back at least to the Roman times where more than 2000 years ago cement containing principally 2/3 volcanic ash and 1/3 of lime were used to build magnificent works still standing today, including the Pantheon. EMC has essentially modernized the original Roman cement by resolving the performance issues that prevent or limit the use of these pozzolans.

Some facts on EMC Technology:

  • Uses only raw materials that are in relevant standards approved by the market place;
  • Builds on more than 2000 years of recognized history, essentially resolving the early age problem preventing the extensive use of pozzolans and especially natural pozzolans;
  • Start of industrial scale operations in the fall of 2004 followed more than a decade of R&D and validation by leading independent experts in Europe and the USA and through multiple field objects in one of the harshest climates of the world in northern Sweden;
  • EMC uses only standardized equipment that are used in a multitude of industrial processes;
  • 5 years of industrial scale operations in Texas has proven the scalability of its technology.
  • Fast track validations by Texas DOT, PennDOT and Caltrans prove penetration capabilities;
  • EMC products have been extensively tested by independent labs, including Caltrans and other concrete producers.
  • EMC controls deep and broad patent protection combined with high level of proprietary know-how.
  • The patents have successfully withstood a challenge by the cement industry.
Updated: 04/07/2011

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