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Expert Task Group on Asphalt Mixtures & Construction; Asphalt Binders; and Models Technology Action Items

February 20 & 21, 2002 Denver, Colorado

  1. All presenters should forward an electronic copy of their presentation to ETG Secretary.

  2. Graphically/ flow chart show the interaction of the various "9 series" Superpave related NCHRP projects, and attach to minutes. - JohnB

  3. Add to the overall role of ETG: identify short and long term research needs. Present this change at the next TRB Superpave Committee meeting. - JohnB

  4. Prepare a summary of Binder ETG concerns as related to mix stiffness for Mix ETG consideration?? Address at next meeting. JohnD

  5. Provide information on specific mixes in use to NCHRP 9-25 contractor on concerns by a number of States (VA/NJ/PA) that some mixes are under asphalted using current criteria. By end of February. - Fee

  6. Nmax requirement, provide recommendation to keep or delete along with rationale, prior to end of July, forward to all members. (Solicit input from Prowell) - Huber/West/ Anderson

  7. For next meeting, provide ETG with a summary of the 9-7 proposed changes/and possible copy of report. (Add to agenda for next meeting) - Huber

  8. Make available to ETG members information from current AI /NAPA (ES 101) publication on variation of modified asphalt compaction temperatures, range, and effects. - Anderson

  9. All ETG members review the Bailey Method in the distributed draft Circular and forward to the TRB A2D00 Committee the draft Circular. - Huber

  10. Task Group on SGC get with individual equipment manufacturers and include input on annual maintenance and general equip upkeep. Propose a note on importance of proper maintenance (and rationale) be added to T-312. Sent to ETG Chair and forward to SOM by April 1, 2002 - West

  11. SGC Task Group: prepare procedure for DAV and appropriate detailed rationale, forward to ETG Chair and all members for review by March 7, 2002 (also TRB Superpave Committee members will be provided a complete copy of the proposed procedure and detailed rationale). Comments will be forwarded by each recipient directly back to the Task Force by March 21 and final document sent to ETG Chair for subsequent forwarding to SOM by April 8, 2002. Request SOM to consider as an alternative/option to T312. - West/Musselman

  12. ETG issue a guidance statement on the SGC/DAV. Update previously developed guidance document. Distribute a draft to ETG members by end of July. Harman/West

  13. The proposed 4.75 mm Task Force documents for changes to MP-2 and rationale for inclusion of 4.75 mm into specification will be forward to TRB Superpave Committee for consideration by the SOM. - Musselman

  14. Attach to minutes, data on the 4.75 mm mixes evaluated by the Task Force. - Sines

  15. Obtain from ICAR and provide for next meeting any current information on FAA rationale. - Merrick/Jahn

  16. Prepare a problem statement for a NCHRP synthesis study of various aggregate blending methods, send to ETG Chair prior to next meeting. - Huber

  17. Comments on Long Range Plan and Status of Research to Ted Ferragut. For next meeting, members provide brief description of any proposed "open forum" agenda items and sent to Chair for distribution to all members prior to next meeting. Also identify any issues for future research. - All

  18. Send to all CO DOT and CFLD meeting participants a CD with minutes and all presentations. - JohnB
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