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Expert Task Group on Asphalt Mixtures & Construction; Asphalt Binders; and Models Technology April 2001 Attachment A - Agenda

April 3, 2001
7:30 amCoffee
8:00 amIntroduction/Review of Previous Meeting Action ItemsChairman
8:30 amTeam Reports
     Team 1: Status of Projects 90-01, 90-03 and 90-05Aschenbrener
      Team 2: Status of Projects 90-07 and 90-09Michael
The role of these teams is to review and comment on the scope of work of the designated FHWA (NCHRP funded) projects, provide technical input for FHWA consideration, coordinate presentation of deliverables to the ETG for deliberation and make recommendations to the ETG for any necessary action.
9:30 amReport of Binder ETG Activities/IssuesD'Angelo
The Binder ETG Secretary, John D'Angelo will brief on the activities of the Binder ETG.
9:45 amUpdate of Selected NCHRP ProjectsHarrigan
10:00 amBreak
10:15 amUpdate on Subcommittee on MaterialsHarvey/Tahir
Brief on status of current changes to specification being balloted by SOM, status of ETG recommendations, and publication of 2001 Provisional Standards.
10:45 amSGC Comparisons and Calibration Task ForceHuber
Brief on status of Task Force and FHWA activities to develop an appropriate plan to address current concerns over dissimilar mixture specimens produced by different gyratory compactors, utilization of an internal angle measuring device and recommendations for future actions.
11:45 amLunch
1:00 PMTask Force & ETG Discussion - Continued
2:30 PMAASHTO Standards OptionsHall
At the previous meeting a Task Force on Standards Review was asked to review T209 and write a simplified version based on current ASTM change and simplifications.
3:00 PMAggregate Gradation OptimizationHuber
As a follow-up from last meeting discussion of Bailey Method, participants experience using the method will be reviewed.
3:30 PM4.75 mm "Superpave"MixtureMichael
At the last meeting Larry Michael was asked to prepare for ETG discussion a recommendation for changes to MP2 to incorporate a 4.75 mm nominal size mixture.
End day 1
April 4, 2001
7:30 amCoffee
8:00 amField Mixture VerificationD'Angelo
At the last meeting John D'Angelo was asked to prepare for ETG discussion in AASHTO format recommended practice for field mix verification.
8:30 amNew Equipment - Pooled Funds/Cooperative AgreementsHarman/Bukowski
Presentation of some of the new and refined equipment being developed under pooled fund and cooperative agreements to improve Superpave design and construction.
9:00 amResults of NCHRP 9-14 - Superpave Restricted ZoneCooley
9:30 amT304-96 (FAA) Precision Round Robin Study By SE User Producers Group
10:00 amBreak
10:15 amSuperpave 2005 - Long Range PlanFerragut
Update of current long-range plan developed as a requirement of AASHTO resolution AR-5-98 and future research topics.
10:30 amExecutive Session - ETG Members
12:00 noonLunch
1:00 PMJoint Mixture & Binder ETG Session
These afternoon activities hosted by the NCHRP 9-19 contract staff will be presented to a joint group of both the Mixture and Binder ETGs
Development of Asphalt Models/Validation of Simple Performance Test
Tour of Arizona State University Asphalt Facilities
4:00 PMAdjourn - Joint Binder and Mix ETG Session
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