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Lead States Group for the Implementation of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design

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Our mission is to promote and facilitate the refinement, implementation, and evolution of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design procedures in conjunction with AASHTO, NCHRP, and FHWA activities.

[image: map of United States highlighlight the lead states listed below]

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For More Information

For more information on the Lead States Group, please contact Laura Fenley, Wisconsin DOT., (608)246-5455, or the FHWA Design Guide Implementation Team,, (202)366-1198.

For more information on Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design, please visit

The Role of a Lead State

Each Lead State will further Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design by demonstrating the following attributes:

  • Leads by example, as one of the first States to pursue implementation of the design guide and obtain upper management support.
  • Champions implementation. Becomes an expert in the implementation process.
  • Knows the political, funding, and internal hurdles that need to be addressed.
  • Compares pavement design/analysis technologies to determine which is most advantageous for a given project.
  • Focuses on advanced technologies and refinements.
  • Shares results--both successes and challenges - with highway community.
  • Shares funding success stories.
  • Develops short- and long-term plans for implementation.

The Role of FHWA

FHWA, through its Design Guide Implementation Team (DGIT), will provide:

  • Full partnership with state members.
  • Funding (including meeting and member travel) and technical support.
  • Division office sponsorship of training and committee activities in the lead states.
  • Central data repository.
  • Newsletter and information posting on the web.
  • Committee secretariat.
  • Coordination with LTPP and other research efforts.

Focus of the Lead States Group

The Lead States will work together to:

  • Provide an example of successful implementation and develop a model implementation plan.
  • Serve as a liaison for NCHRP, AASHTO, FHWA, and industry activities.
  • Identify gaps in the knowledge base and new research needs.
  • Share information, utilize national lessons learned, and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Provide a vehicle for working in cooperation across State lines.
  • Serve as a resource for States at any stage of implementation.

Lead States and Points of Contact

  • FHWA DGIT, Leslie McCarthy, Gary Crawford, Chris Wagner, Jim Sherwood, Eric Weaver -
  • NCHRP Liaison, Ed Harrigan - 202-334-3232
  • Arizona, Paul Burch - 602-712-8085California, Tom Hoover - 916-227-7324, Bill Farnbach - 916-227-7324
  • Florida, Bruce Dietrich - 850-414-4371
  • Kentucky, Clark Graves - 859-257-4513, Paul Looney - 502-564-3280
  • Maryland, Peter Stephanos - 410-321-3100, Tim Smith - 410-321-3110
  • Minnesota, Maureen Jenson - 651-779-5507
  • Mississippi, Bill Barstis - 601-359-7649
  • Missouri, Jay Bledsoe - 573-751-3634, John Donahue - 573-751-3002
  • Montana, Dan Hill - 406-444-3424, Jon Watson - 406-444-7260
  • New York, Julian Bendana - 518-457-5826, Wesley Yang - 518-457-5826
  • New Jersey, Robert Sauber - 609-530-3861, Tom Bennert - 732-445-2485
  • New Mexico, John Tenison - 505-827-9811, Bryce Simons - 505-827-5191
  • Pennsylvania, Dan Dawood - 717-787-4246, Clint Beck - 717-783-6146
  • Texas, Mike Murphy - 512-465-3686, Thomas Bohuslav - 512-416-2500, Mark McDaniel - 512-506-5949
  • Utah, Tim Biel - 801-965-4859, Brent Hadfield - 801-633-6261
  • Virginia, Mohamed Elfino - 804-328-3173, Thomas Tate - 804-328-3129
  • Washington, Linda Pierce (Chair) - 360-709-5474, Jeff Uhlmeyer - 360-709-5485
  • Wisconsin, Laura Fenley (Co- Chair) - 608-246-5455
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Updated: 02/20/2015

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