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Asset Management

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Use of PMS Data for Performance Monitoring with Superpave as an Example

13. Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge the funding and support of the FHWA, especially the contract representatives Sonya Hill and Frank Botelho. Special thanks are due to the five state DOTs that participated in the study. They were very kind to meet with us individually on our trips to the states, and to share their knowledge of and experience with PMS and Superpave. In each case they followed up and sent us data that we needed for this study. We would like to thank the following DOT and FHWA representatives in particular:

Maryland:DOT:Samuel R. Miller Jr, Peter Stephanos, Paul Dorsey, Larry Michael, Gloria L. Burke and John H.P. Andrews.
FHWA:Jitesh Parikh.
IndianaDOT:John R. Weaver, William (Bill) F. Flora, and David H. Andrewski.
FHWA:Victor (Lee) Gallivan.
Florida:DOT:Bruce T. Dietrich, Sandra Kang, Gale Page, and Patrick Upshaw.
FHWA:Greg L. Schiess.
Arizona:DOT:Larry Scofield, James Delton, and Dr. Julie E. Nodes.
Washington:DOT:Linda Pierce, Dr. Hadarajah "Siva" Sivaneswaran, Kim Willoughby.
UW:Joe P. Mahoney, Professor, George Turkiyyah, Associate Professor, George White, Steve Muench.

The contract for this project was administered through Battelle in Columbus, Ohio, acting as the prime for FHWA. We would like to thank Ms. Tami Hannahs and Mr. W. Scott Versluis of Battelle for their interest and support

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