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Materials Notebook: State Specifications on Electronic Format

Subject: INFORMATION: State Specifications in Electronic Format Date: August 2, 1996
From: Chief, Highway Operations Division Reply to
Attn of:
To: Regional Administrators

Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator

The Highway Operations Division has maintained a library of State highway agency (SHA) specifications for many years. In an effort to make the information contained in the library more accessible and useful, we have initiated an effort to obtain SHA specifications in electronic format and place them on the public domain server. Access to these files can then be provided to anyone with access to the FHWA's wide area network. To date, the specifications of fourteen States and the AASHTO guide specifications have been placed on the server and indexed under QuickFinder, a search utility available through WordPerfect. Attached for your information and use is a set of instructions for accessing the public domain server and searching the SHA specifications.

Also attached is a list of the SHA specifications, by region, which are currently available. We would like to encourage all States to submit their specifications for inclusion on this system. Since the user ID and password provided in the instructions provide read only rights to the server, electronic copies of specifications should be forwarded to our office. For further information, please contact Mr. Jim Powell of the Materials Group at (202) 366-8534.

Donald P. Steinke

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cc: Division Administrators


  1. Open WordPerfect and pull down the File menu. Select Open from the File menu.
  2. Open the Network-Drive Connections window by clicking on the Network button, and selecting Connections from the Network menu.
  3. From the Network-Drive Connections window, click on the Browse button. This opens the Browse Connections window.
  4. Open the Attach File Server window by clicking the Attach button in the Browse Connections window. Click on the box labeled File Server: in the Attach File Server window. This will pull down a list of available file servers. Scroll down the list to the FHISD entry, and select it by clicking.
  5. Enter "SHASPECS" in the User name box and enter "SPECS" in the Password box. Click OK.
  6. The entries "FHISD/SYS:" and "FHISD/SYS2:" should now appear in the list labeled Servers/Volumes: in the Browse Connections window. Highlight "FHISD/SYS2:" by clicking on the entry in the list. Two directories, "APPS" and "EPRS", should appear in the Directories: list. Select the "APPS" entry by clicking on it. Click OK to return to the Network-Drive Connections window.
  7. The Path: box at the bottom of the Network-Drive Connections window should now have "[FHISD/SYS2:APPS]" displayed. Ensure that an available drive letter is highlighted in the Data drives: box and click on the Map button.
  8. Close this window to return to the Open File window.


  1. If not already there, return to the WordPerfect Open File menu.
  2. Click on the QuickFinder button on the right side of the File menu. This will open the QuickFinder window.
  3. Open the Indexer window by clicking the Indexer button on the right side of the QuickFinder window. Pull down the Options menu on the right of the Indexer window and select Preferences.
  4. Enter the drive and directory in which the SHA Specs index is located in the Location for Shared Indexes box and click OK to return to the Indexer window. The drive letter will be the drive to which you mapped the FHISD/SYS2:APPS directory in the attaching procedure, and the directory will be SHASPECS.
  5. The Index Names box should now list SHA Specs as an available index. Click Close to return to the QuickFinder.
  6. Click on the QuickFinder Index button and select "SHA Specs" from the list. To perform a search, enter the search term or terms in the Search For box and click on the Find button.
  7. The results of the search will be displayed in the Search Results List window. Listed are the files meeting the search criteria. The State can be identified from the path. The files can be viewed or opened in WordPerfect. If opened, the file may be edited or printed, but must be saved to a different drive.
  8. When finished searching, return to the Open File window, open the Network-Drive Connections window, open the Browse Connections window, click on "FHISD/SYS2:" in the Servers/Volumes: list, and click the Detach button. This will open the Detach File Server window. Pull down the list of servers in the File Server box, select "FHISD," and click OK.
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