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Publication Title Publication Year FHWA # General
What's This
What's This
Assessment of Selected LTPP Material Data Tables and Development of Representative Test Tables,  2003  FHWA-RD-02-001   Research/Reference
Application Notes: Using LTPPBind V2.1 to Improve Crack Sealing in Asphalt Concrete Pavements  2003  FHWA-RD-03-080   Research/Reference
Application Notes: FWD Calibration Centers Ensure States Get Quality Data  2002  FHWA-RD-02-067   Research/Reference
Application Notes: LTPP Distress Identification Manual Sets a Standard for States  2002  FHWA-RD-02-052 General Interest  
An Investment Benefiting America's Highways: The Long Term Pavement Performance Program  2001  FHWA-RD-01-094   Research/Reference
Application Notes: LTPP Findings Pay Off for Pennsylvania  2000  FHWA-RD-00-064   Research/Reference
Application Notes: New Software Tool Paves the Way for More Cost-Effective, Durable Roads in Kansas  2000  FHWA-RD-00-019   Research/Reference
An Input for Moisture Calculations - Dielectric Constant From Apparent Length  1999  FHWA-RD-99-201   Research/Reference
Analysis of Time-Domain Reflectometry Data From LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Program Test Sections-Final Report  1999  FHWA-RD-99-115   Research/Reference
Assessment of LTPP Friction Data  1999  FHWA-RD-99-037   Research/Reference
Analyses Relating to Pavement Material Characterizations and Their Effects on Pavement Performance  1998  FHWA-RD-97-085   Research/Reference
Assessment of the SPS-7 Bonded Concrete Overlays Experiment: Final Report  1998  FHWA-RD-98-130   Research/Reference
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