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2002 Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit:

Conditions & Performance

Report to Congress

The 2002 Conditions and Performance Report is available in full report form, and as a separate Executive Summary. (The Executive Summary material is also included in the full report.)

These documents are available in HTML, and as Adobe PDF files. Click here to access the PDF versions of the 2002 Conditions and Performance Report.


The following are HTML files of the 2002 Conditions and Performance Report.

Executive Summary
Part I: "Description of Current System" (Chapters 1-6)
Part II: "Investment/Performance Analysis" (Chapters 7-10)
Part III: "Bridges" (Chapter 11)
Part IV: "Special Topics" (Chapters 12-22)
Part V: "Supplemental Analyses of System Components" (Chapters 23-27)

Printed copies are available and may be ordered by calling 202-366-9899 or 800-240-5674.

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