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Highway Statistics 2003 - STATE OBLIGATIONS FOR HIGHWAYS - 2003 - Table SB-1
Highway Statistics 2003 OHPI > Highway Statistics > 2003 > Hwy Finance > Table SB-1



AlabamaHighway Revenue Bonds (GARVEE)- Series 2002A3-1-02200,0000200,00000200,0002.0-5.2Highway-User Revenue 6/
AlaskaGeneral Obligation Bonds-Series 2003B4-1-03102,8050102,80510,855206113,8665.0-6.0Highway-User Revenue*
ArizonaHighway Revenue Bonds - Series 2002B10-15-02156,4750156,4759,462624166,5612.8-5.25Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Excise Tax Revenue Bonds, Maricopa County - Series 20028-1-0275,9254,55080,4754,78120185,4573.0-5.0Sales Tax
Highway Revenue Refunding Bonds- Series 20034-1-0386,56098,495185,05513,9051,239200,1992.0-6.0Highway-User Revenue
TOTAL 318,960103,045422,00528,1482,064452,217  
ArkansasHighway Revenue Bonds - Series 20028-1-02215,0000215,00010,7280225,7283.5-5.0Special Fuel Tax* 6/
ColoradoRevenue Anticipation Bonds- Series 2003A8-1-03100,0000100,0005,8590105,859NAHighway-User Revenue and Sales Tax 6/
ConnecticutTransportation Infrastructure - Series 2002B11-1-02215,0000215,00010,235671225,9062.5-5.25Highway-User Revenue*
Transportation Infrastructure - Series 2003 (1)1-23-03981219,404220,385(981)0219,4043.284-3.293Highway-User Revenue*
Transportation Infrastructure - Series 2003 (2)1-23-0339,424162,171201,595(898)0200,6973.284-3.293Highway-User Revenue*
TOTAL 255,405381,575636,9808,356671646,007  
DelawareTransportation System Senior Revenue Bonds - Series 20034-2-03148,831128,379277,21022,7780299,988variousHighway-User Revenue
Transportation System Senior Revenue Bonds - Series 2002B8-2-0280,06993,611173,68010,6250184,305variousHighway-User Revenue
Delaware River and Bay Authority Revenue Bonds - Series 20031-30-0376,300076,3002,280078,5802.25-5.25Tolls
TOTAL 305,200221,990527,19035,6830562,873  
Dist. Of Col.District of Columbia General Obligation Bonds- Series 2002A/B10-15- 0213,591013,591380013,9714.52General Revenues*
District of Columbia General Obligation Bonds- Series 2002C/D10-31-0209,5619,561009,5614.07General Revenues*
TOTAL 13,5919,56123,152380023,532  
FloridaMiami-Dade County Expressway Refunding Bonds-Series 20037-1-03034,65034,650(616)034,0341.35-4.625Tolls
Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A7-1-03365,890706,9501,072,84022,48901,095,3294.29-4.36Tolls
Florida Turnpike Revenue Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A7-1-030445,980445,98042,1390488,1193.25-5.25Tolls
Right of Way Acquisition and Bridge and Refunding Bonds- Series 2002A9-25-02196,47654,479250,95512,020812263,7874.45Motor Fuel Tax*
TOTAL 562,3661,242,0591,804,42576,0328121,881,269  
HawaiiHighway Revenue Refunding Bonds- Series 20033-25-03044,94044,9400044,9404.42General Revenue*
IllinoisTransportation Bonds-Highway Share- Series A6-1-03100,0000100,0007,1930107,1932.5-5.0Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Bonds-Highway Share -Series A12-1-0275,000075,0003,68119078,8713.0-5.375Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Bonds-Highway Share- Series A10-1-0235,000035,000(286)034,7142.33-4.99Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Refunding Bonds-Highway Share- Series A8-1-020172,331172,33115,810688188,8293.0-5.5Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Bonds-Highway Share- Series A10-1-0265,000065,0004,1561869,1743.0-5.25Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Bonds-Highway Share- Series A7-1-02117,5000117,5004,814396122,7103.0-5.375Highway-User Revenue
TOTAL 392,500172,331564,83135,3681,292601,491  
IndianaHighway Revenue Bonds - 2003A9-9-03433,1550433,15511,8450445,0004.5-5.75Highway-User Revenue
KansasHighway Revenue Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A12-4-030164,275164,27517,8270182,1023.125-5.0Highway-User Revenue
Highway Revenue Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A12-4-03083,91583,9150083,9153.88-4.41Highway-User Revenue
Highway Revenue Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A12-4-030150,275150,27500150,275variableHighway-User Revenue
Kansas Turnpike Authority Revenue Bonds- Series 2003A7-15-036,75097,035103,7859,3730113,1584.24Tolls
TOTAL 6,750495,500502,25027,2000529,450  
LouisianaGreater New Orleans Expressway Commission Refufunding Bonds - Series 20034-15-0399553,61054,605(425)054,1802.0-5.0Tolls
Crescent City Connection Division - LA DOT Bridge Revenue Refunding Bonds- Series 200211-1-02019,90019,900795020,6952.0-5.0Tolls and Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Trust Fund Revenue Bonds- Series 2002A8-13-03275,0000275,0002,3690277,3693.0-5.37Highway-User Revenues
TOTAL 275,99573,510349,5052,7390352,244  
MaineMaine Turnpike Authority Revenue Bonds- Series 20037-1-0351,000051,0000051,0003.5-5.0Tolls
MarylandConsolidated Transportation Bonds -Series 20032-1-03202,7910202,79121,931283225,0055.0-5.25Motor Fuel Taxes
Consolidated Transportation Refunding Bonds -Series 20032-1-03092,39392,3934,2409796,7301.5-4.0Motor Fuel Taxes
TOTAL 202,79192,393295,18426,171380321,735  
MassachusettsHighway Improvement Loan Acts of 1983 thru 199411-1-0233,008033,0080033,0085.0-5.5Highway-User Revenue*
Highway Improvement Loan Acts of 1995 thru 19968-1-02151,5510151,5516,4390157,9905.0 -5.38Highway-User Revenue*
Highway Improvement Loan Act of 19978-1-0290,627090,6272,244092,8715.0-5.5Highway-User Revenue*
Highway Improvement Loan Acts of 19998-1-0272,603072,603(2,658)069,9455.0-5.5Highway-User Revenue*
Highway Improvement Loan Act of 200011-1-02132,3140132,3145,3120137,6265.0-5.38Highway-User Revenue*
Central Artery Tunnel Loan Act of 20007-1-02424,2350424,235(1,743)2422,4945.25Highway-User Revenue*
Capital Outlay Loan Act of 200011-1-021,53701,5371,00302,5405.38Highway-User Revenue*
TOTAL 905,8750905,87510,5972916,474  
MinnesotaTransportation Bonds, Laws of 1984 thru 200311-1-0226,900026,9001,577028,4773.0-5.25General Fund
NevadaHighway Improvement Revenue Bonds- Series 20037-1-03176,4350176,43522,871177199,4832.6234Highway-user Revenue
New HampshireHighway General Obligation bonds- Series 1798-1-021,07801,078001,078variousHighway-user Revenue*
Highway General Obligation bonds- Series 1818-1-022,66802,668002,668variousHighway-User Revenue*
Turnpike General Obligation Bonds- Series E 1818-1-0205,1095,109005,109variousHighway-User Revenue and Tolls*
TOTAL 3,7465,1098,855008,855  
New JerseyTransportation Trust Fund -Series 2003A1-30-0354,460278,640333,10040,3710373,4714.0Highway-User Revenue
Transportation Trust Fund- Series 2003B1-30-030345,000345,00000345,000variousHighway-User Revenue
Statewide Transportation & Local Bridge FundBonds - Series -1999B8-1-02259,0000259,0003,1650262,1655.65General Fund
South Jersey Transportation Authority System Revenue Refunding Bonds-Series 200311-1-03015,79015,7900015,7902.0-5.25Tolls and Parking Fees
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission Revenue Bonds- Series 20031-20-03113,19545,335158,5301,8790160,4093.0-5.25Tolls
New Jersey Turnpike Authority Turnpike Revenue Bonds, Series 2003A,B,C,and D7-1-03513,6601,915,3302,428,990002,428,9901.15-5.0Tolls
Garden State Parkway Authority Subordinate Bonds- Series 20031-1-03115,0000115,00000115,000variousTolls
TOTAL 1,055,3152,600,0953,655,41045,41503,700,825  
New MexicoState Highway Bonds - Series 2002-D CHAT12-1-0216,000016,000699016,6992.25-5.0Highway-User Revenue
New YorkLocal Highway & Bridge Service Contract Special Bonds - Series 2003 A,B & C11-1-0337,976729,924767,90011,98417779,9011.8-5.5Highway-User Revenue*
Highway and Bridge Trust Fund Bonds - Series 2003A4-0-03476,7350476,73530,6840507,4191.75-5.25Highway-User Revenue*
Highway and Bridge Trust Fund Bonds - Series 2003B7-01-03532,7550532,75535,5070568,2621.5-5.0Highway-User Revenue*
State Personal Income Tax Revenue Bonds Series 20037-1-03347,8800347,88017,9700365,8502.0-5.0Personal Income Tax
Niagara Falls Bridge Commission System Revenue Bonds - Series 2003 A and B9-1-03032,82532,825811033,636variousTolls
TOTAL 1,395,346762,7492,158,09596,956172,255,068  
OhioHighway Capital Improvement Bonds - Series G12-4-02135,0000135,00010,9650145,9653.22Motor-Fuel Tax
Ohio Infrastructure Bank Bonds, GARVEE Series - 2002-110-1-02135,0000135,0009,721482145,2032.73Motor-Fuel Tax 6/
TOTAL 270,0000270,00020,686482291,168  
OklahomaHighway Revenue Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A4-14-03065,56565,5654,2511,67671,4922.0-5.0L.O.
Highway Revenue Refunding Bonds - Series 2003B4-14-03026,60526,6051,500028,1052.0-5.0L.O.
TOTAL 092,17092,1705,7511,67699,597  
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Turnpike Commission Oil Company Franchise Tax Revenue Bonds - Series 2003200322,365426,780449,145(1,347)0447,798variousTolls
Rhode IslandState Transportation Bonds - Series 2000 B11-1-0230,000030,0000030,0004.0-5.25Motor Fuel Tax*
State Transportation Refunding Bonds - Series 2002 C5-1-03021,21121,2110021,2113.0-5.25Motor Fuel Tax*
TOTAL 30,00021,21151,2110051,211  
South CarolinaState Highway Refunding Bonds - Series 20031-1-03046,08046,0803477846,5055.62Motor Fuel Tax*
TexasDallas North Texas Tollway System Authority Revenue Bonds- Series 2003A5-1-03225,0000225,00014,3550239,3555.8Tolls
Dallas North Texas Tollway System Authority Refunding Bonds- Series 2003B5-1-030135,000135,00000135,0005.0Tolls
Dallas North Texas Tollway System Authority Refunding Bonds- Series 2003C5-1-030106,750106,75000106,7502.0-5.0Tolls
TOTAL 225,000241,750466,75014,3550481,105  
UtahGeneral Obligation Bonds- Series 2002A6-1-0345,400045,4006,702052,1023.0-5.25Highway-User Revenue*
General Obligation Bonds- Series 2003A6-1-0395,285095,28514,2100109,4953.0-5.25Centennial Highway Fund* 6/
TOTAL 140,6850140,68520,9120161,597  
VermontGeneral Obligation Refunding Bonds - Series XXXX12-01-0201,5381,53811531,6562.0-5.0Highway-User Revenue*
VirginiaGeneral Obligation Refunding Bonds -Coleman Bridge & Hirst-Brault Expwy- Series 200210-1-03028,39028,3902,6398131,1104.0-5.0Tolls*
General Obligation Refunding Bonds - Hirst-Brault Expwy & Powhite Parkway - Series 2003A6-1-037059,06559,1357,07113266,3382.5-5.5Tolls*
U.S. Route 58 Corridor Development Refunding Bonds - Series 2003A4-1-03066,25566,2556,7567873,0893.0-5.5General Revenues
U.S Route 58 Corridor Development Refunding Bonds - Series 2002B11-1-02070,67070,6705,18516776,0223.0-5.25General Revenues
U.S. Route 28 Corridor Development Capital Appreciation Bonds - Series 200210-10-02113,4600113,460(76,636)036,8240.0Transportation Fund & Special District Revenues
U.S. Route 28 Corridor Development Refunding Bonds - Series 200210-10-03083,82083,8205,222089,0422.0-5.0Transportation Fund & Special District Revenues
FHWA Reimbursement Anticipation Notes (FRANS) - Series 20029-27-02523,3200523,32048,8490572,1692.0-5.0General Revenues 6/
Northern Virigina Transportation District Bonds - Series 2002A11-1-0240,427112,608153,0359,404363162,8023.0-5.25General Fund & Sales Tax
TOTAL 677,277420,8081,098,0858,4908211,107,396  
WashingtonMV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B12-4-0209,7259,725438010,1633.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax*
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B12-4-0203,9353,93517804,1133.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B12-4-02026,49026,4901,259027,7493.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B12-4-04026,06526,0651,176027,2413.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B12-4-0204,1104,11014004,2503.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B10-1-0213,500013,500264113,7652.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003B10-1-02127,0000127,0002,47916129,4952.0-5.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003E2-5-0326,630026,630(491)026,1392.0-4.8Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003E2-5-039000900(16)08842.0-4.0Motor-Fuel Tax *
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003C Tacoma Narrows Bridge10-1-02158,0000158,000(724)0157,2760.0Motor-Fuel Tax and Tolls*
MV Fuel Tax General Obligation Bonds - Series R-2003F Tacoma Narrows Bridge2-5-0375,002075,002(939)074,0630.0Motor-Fuel Tax and Tolls*
TOTAL 401,03270,325471,3573,76417475,138  
West VirginiaWest Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority Refunding Bonds-Series 20035-1-032,62061,28063,900(1,204)062,6964.387Tolls
WisconsinTransportation Revenue Bonds - Series 2002A10-8-02200,0000200,00012,796386213,1823.0-5.0Motor Vehicle Revenues
GRAND TOTAL  8,984,1147,586,79916,570,913542,1449,08417,122,141  

1/ This table is one of a series giving available information concerning State and quasi-State obligations incurred for highway purposes. Table SB-2 contains data on changes in indebtedness. Table SB-3 contains receipts and disbursements for debt service. Tables SB-2T and SB-3T are subsets of Tables SB-2 and SB-3, showing data for individual State toll facilities. Tables SB-2L and SB-3L are also subsets of Tables SB-2 and SB-3, showing data for State obligations for local roads. When bonds were issued for multiple purposes, their par value is assigned to State highways, local roads and streets, and nonhighway purposes on the basis of the initial distribution of net bond proceeds. The nonhighway portion is excluded from these tables. Also omitted are obligations with terms of less than 2 years; however, interest payments for short-term obligations are included in Table SB-3. This table is compiled from reports of State authorities.

2/ A portion of proceeds from refunding bonds may be expended for current debt service. That portion is included with original issues.

3/ Payment by bond purchaser for interest accrued from date of issue to date of sale.

4/ "Posted rate" is declared rate printed on bonds. N/A indicates data not available.

5/ When an asterisk appears in this column, the bonds are understood to be secured by the full faith and credit of the State, in addition to the specific revenues dedicated by law to debt service.

6/ Certain Federal Funds are used to payoff bonds.

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