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HPMS Reassessment Framework

Vision - For HPMS to meet the transportation community's data needs in 2010 and beyond.

Mission - It is the mission of the HPMS, as an integral part of the Nation's suite of transportation databases, to provide a database and analysis process for assessing and reporting the extent, condition and performance of the Nation's highway system in the most cost-effective manner consistent with the following GOALS:

  1. Meet FHWA's highway stewardship responsibilities, including preserving the national interest in the NHS.
  2. Support Federal transportation policy analysis, planning, and performance measurement activities.
  3. Meet the various congressional requirements, including apportionment and the C&P report.
  4. Provide a publicly accessible, consistently high quality, objective, and timely national highway database.
  5. Provide an HPMS database, analytical tools, and FHWA technical support that meets the needs of State, regional, and local agencies.
  6. Evolve HPMS to a data system which: builds from the data systems of local, regional, and State governments; is connected with a common geo-referencing system; and avoids, whenever possible, collecting data which is not used by the collecting agency.

Objectives of Reassessment

  1. Meet new Federal needs (Policy, Safety, Operations, Infrastructure, and others).
  2. Explore potential change HPMS to be more useful for all states and MPOs.
  3. Capitalize on changing technology to enhance quality, efficiency, and data integration.
  4. Ensure data items meet all required needs (Definitions/standardization/change, new items, delete items.)

Phase 1 - Identify WHAT needs to be changed (in coordination with Federal agencies)

Phase 2 - Work with Stakeholders to identify HOW

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Updated: 04/05/2011

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