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Appendix F: Surface Transportation Program (STP) Sub-State Distribution FY 2006-2009

 Flowchart showing substate distribution of the Surface Transportation Program for fiscal rears 2006 through 2009. After STP authorization, the steps include deductions for metropolitan planning, training, and support services and then apportionment to the states. Of this amount, 2 percent goes for SPR and the rest for distribution. Of this distribution amount, 90 percent goes for substate distribution and 10 percent goes for transportation enhancements. Beginning in 2006, this amount is the greater of 10 percent or the amount set aside for transportation enhancements in 2005. Of the 90 percent for substate distribution, 62.5 percent goes to areas by population and 37.5 percent goes to any area of the state. Urbanized areas over 200,000 receive by percent of population. A portion f the amount distributed to areas with 200,000 and under goes to areas with fewer than 5,000.

* Beginning in 2006, the set-aside for TE is the greater of 10% or the amount set-aside for TE in the State in 2005.
Consequently, the total amount available for sub-state distribution could be correspondingly lower.


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