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Highway Information Seminar (2015) - September 21-25, 2015

The annual Highway Information Seminar will be held September 21-25, 2015 at the National Highway Institute (NHI) in Arlington, VA. There is no registration fee for this seminar.

The Office of Highway Policy Information will be holding its 2015 Highway Information Seminar (HIS) September 21-25, 2015 at the National Highway Institute in Arlington, VA. There is no registration fee for the seminar. The format of this year's HIS will be similar to the previous ones.

The HIS aims to address the continued demand for timely, high-quality State-reported data which is used by FHWA to: (1) determine the proper apportionment of Federal funds to the States, (2) investigate Federal highway program policy options, and (3) conduct performance monitoring. This seminar provides comprehensive training on the latest requirements, guidance, and information pertaining to the reporting of data to the FHWA with respect to the following program areas:

  • Highway Funding
  • Motor Fuel
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Licensed Drivers
  • Highway Tax Evasion
  • Travel Monitoring and Surveys
  • Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

The HIS training is through a variety of workshops, focusing on current topical issues related to the Federal-aid highway program and the uses of Highway Statistics information. Workshops will also provide participants opportunities to interact with their peers from other States, discuss common problems, and to seek and share solutions.

The HIS is intended primarily for State Departments of Transportation and FHWA Division Office staff involved in the collection, review, summarization, and reporting of highway statistical data. Attendance from other agencies (such as motor vehicle and tax collection agencies), metropolitan planning organizations, and other governmental units that collect and provide data is encouraged.

Personnel actively involved in the development and use of Highway Statistics data at both the supervisory and non-supervisory levels should be considered for seminar attendance. Individuals who have Highway Statistics data reporting responsibilities and have not attended a previous seminar are particularly encouraged to attend.

Additional information regarding the HIS agenda will be provided in the future. We are tentatively planning for each of the three major program areas (HPMS, Travel Monitoring, and fuels/finance/licensing) to have its own day during the week for training sessions. A plenary session involving all three major program areas is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon September 22 so that attendees may not need to be at the HIS the entire week like in the past Please alert your staff and partners to save the date of this year's HIS.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Robert Rozycki at or call 202-366-5059.

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