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CPI Process   as in 2001 CPI Handbook

  1. Define the Process
  2. Choose high priority process to study
  3. Analyze current process
  4. Analyze using criteria
  5. Map the Process "As is"
  6. Select data to collect
  7. Select data collection techniques
  8. Improve the process
  9. Focus: Define the problem
  10. Analyze the problem
  11. Develop solutions to the problem
  12. Execute: Test the Solutions
  13. Prepare Implementation Plan
  14. Follow up on recommended improvements
  15. Measure process outputs

CPI Applications for HPMS as follows:

  1. HPMS - A Key Support Process
  2. Priority or At Risk HPMS Area
  3. Analyze Process for Collection, Reporting, and Accuracy of HPMS Data
  4. HPMS Reveiew Guidelines and Other Reference Material
  5. Outline Current SHA Process and Procedure
  6. What will be reviewed? - Manuals, Budget, Guidelines, Training
  7. Select Type of Review - Division Team and Field Review Team
  8. Recommendations for Improvement
  9. Where is the Process broken?
  10. Why is the Process broken?
  11. Investigate Alternatives
  12. Select Bes Solution
  13. Prepare Work Plan and SPR Support
  14. Monitor Implementation of SPR Program and Data Process
  15. Improvments in Data Collection and Accuracy of Data is Confirmed.

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