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Attachment B: HPMS as a Key Support Process

HPMS data process is required by Title 23, USC, 502, 23 CFR, 1.5, 23 CFR, 420.105

This creates two categories: SHA Data Collection including Management Systems, Travel Monitoring, Inventory, Condition, and ITS Traffic Data. (SPR Work Program is also included)

The SHA Data Collection flows into the Planning Process, FHWA and FTA Planning Finding, and STIP Approval

The HPMS encompasses three components:

  • National Database: Reauthorization, Appropriations, Apportionment Factors, Congressional Reports, and Highway Statistics
  • Performance Plan: 2 Areas: Corporate Management Strategies and Performance Measures: Corporate Management Strategies include Information and Analysis, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, and Business Results. Performance Measures include Safety, Mobility and Productivity such as pavement and bridge condition, congestion, and system reliability. Human National Environment includes air quality conformity and mobile emissions, and National security includes pavement condition and congestion.
  • Vital Few: Incompasses Congestion: Model and Metrics, and Safety or exposure.

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