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Executive Training Module

Collage: Trucks, Form 2290 and Fire Trucks.

About This Course

Welcome to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax compliance review training module for executives. This abbreviated training module is designed to introduce you to the HVUT and address big pictures questions such as:

  • What is the HVUT?
  • Who pays the HVUT?
  • How much revenue is raised through the HVUT?
  • Why is the HVUT important?
  • What is the division office's role in ensuring compliance?
  • Is there an issue with HVUT evasion?
  • What is being done at the federal level to enhance HVUT enforcement?

To maximize the learning process, we recommend you:

  • Review each page in order
  • Take notes as you move through the course material
  • Click on links presented in the More Information section presented at the bottom of some of the pages (the compliance review audit protocol is a particularly important resource)

Average course completion time is 15 minutes.


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