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Our Nation's Highways: 2010

Figure A-4. Types of Recovery Act Projects

Figure A-4. Types of Recovery Act Projects; Pavement Improvement 59.1% Pavement Widening 3.2%, Safety/Traffic Management 7.4%, Transportation Enhancements 12.2% Bridge Improvement 4.5%, Bridge Replacement 5.38%, New Bride Construction 0.5% New Construction 1.4%, Other 6.3%

There are a wide range of transportation projects funded under the Recovery Act. These projects include: Bridge Improvement, Bridge Replacement, New Bridge Construction, New Construction, Pavement Improvement, Pavement Widening, Safety/Traffic Management, Transportation Enhancements, and Other. Pavement projects are the main type of activities under the Recovery Act.

Data Source: US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Recovery Act Data System

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