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Our Nation's Highways: 2010

Table 6-1. Federal Highway User Fees

Motor Fuels Cents Per Gallon
Gasoline 18.4
Gasohol 18.4
Diesel and Kerosene fuel 24.4
Special fuels 18.3
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas 13.6
    Liquefied Natural Gas 11.9
    Other Special Fuels 18.4
Other User
Tires Tax is imposed on tires sold by manufacturers, producers, or importers at the rate of $.0945 ($.04725 in the case of a bias ply or super single tire) for each 10 pounds of the maximum rated load capacity over 3,500 pounds.
Truck and
trailer sales
12 percent of retailer's sales price for tractors and trucks over 33,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW) and trailers over 26,000 pounds GVW. The tax applies to parts and accessories sold in connection with the vehicle sale.
Heavy use vehicels
(annual fee)
Trucks 55,000-75,000 pounds GVW, $100 plus $22 for each 1,000 pounds (or fraction thereof) in excess of 55,000 pounds Trucks over 75,000 pounds GVW, $550

Revenue sources of the Federal Highway Trust Fund include the Federal fuel tax and a variety of other fees. The Federal gas tax rate has not changed since 1996.

Data Source for Table 6-1 and Figure 6-1: US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Highway Policy Information, Highway Statistics.

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