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Highway Statistics 2008

Average Distribution of Costs on State Highway Contracts - 2008 1/

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Vehicle Registrations, Fuel Consumption, and Vehicle Miles of Travel as Indices Line graph

Thousands of Dollars Percent
Aggregates 1,087,659 7%
Concrete Pavement 677,690 4%
Bituminous Pavement 5,364,364 36%
Grading/Excavation 1,568,381 10%
Drainage 644,344 4%
Site Preparation 446,386 3%
Traffic Control 1,808,327 12%
Bridge 2,331,117 15%
Other 1,152,890 8%
Total 15,081,158 100%

1/ Source: National Highway Construction Cost Index (NHCCI) Federal Highway Administration, Office of Highway Policy Information

2/ Items included in each category:

  1. Aggregates: Base stone, miscellaneous stone/riprap
  2. Concrete Pavement: Concrete pavement
  3. Bituminous Pavement: Asphalt
  4. Grading/Excavation: Grading, excavation
  5. Drainage: Drainage pipe, drainage inlets, catch basins, concrete culverts, underdrains
  6. Site Preparation: Clearing, grassing, erosion control, utility water, gas, and sewer
  7. Traffic Control: Signalization, signs, striping, pavement marking, lighting
  8. Bridge: Bridge, painting structures
  9. Other: Miscellaneous concrete, guard rail, fencing, retaining walls, buildings, miscellaneous structures, equipment and labor
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Updated: 01/03/2012

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