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Highway Statistics 2011

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Motor Fuel Tax Rates for Selected Countries 1/
  As of December 2011

Table IN-1

October 2012

(Cost per Gallon)

Country Gasoline Diesel
Belgium $4.33 $3.32
France $4.21 $3.25
Germany $4.40 $3.41
Italy $4.89 $4.33
Japan $3.21 $2.00
Netherlands $4.84 $3.19
United Kingdom $4.69 $4.77
United States 2/ $0.40 $0.46

1/ Source for foreign rates is data collected by the U.S. Department of Energy from various sources. Rates were converted to U.S. currency using current exchange rates. Data shown as of December 2011.

2/ Includes the weighted average of State taxes as shown on table MF-121T, plus the Federal tax.