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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-11-065
Date: April 2012


Long-Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology—The Concrete Pavement Road Map (Second Generation): Volume I, Background and Summary



Table 3 lists the brainstorming events and their respective dates.

Table 3. Brainstorming (outreach) events.
Date Event
January 2002 TRB annual meeting (Session 345 and subcommittees A2E01, ASF01, and A2E06)
January 2002 Nebraska Concrete Pavement Association annual meeting
February 2002 Iowa Concrete Paving Association annual meeting
February 2002 Michigan Concrete Paving Association annual meeting
March 2002 Virginia Concrete Workshop
March 2002 TRB Committee for Improved Concrete Pavements
March 2002 Iowa Ready Mix Association annual meeting
April 2002 International Center for Aggregate Research
April 2002 Iowa State University National CP Tech Center advisory board meeting
April 2002 IPRF panel meeting
June 2002 ACPA State chapter executive meeting
June 2002 TRB (Subcommittee A2F01)
March 2003 TRB Concrete Pavement Research Team presentation
August 2003 AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials
July 2003 FHWA TFHRC
July 2003 National Ready Mixed Concrete Pavement Association meeting
July 2003 ACPA summer meeting
October 2003 Midwest Brainstorming Session (in conjunction with National Concrete
Consortium, ACPA, and Iowa Concrete Paving Association)
November 2003 Center for Advanced Cement Based Materials Research
November 2003 Eastern States Brainstorming Session (in partnership with ACPA
December 2003 ACPA annual convention
January 2004 TRB annual meeting
January 2004 Pennsylvania Concrete Conference
January 2004 Western States Teleconference
February 2004 Iowa Concrete Paving Association annual meeting
March 2004 Missouri-Kansas ACPA Chapter annual workshop
May 2004 ACPA State Chapter executive meeting
October 2004 FHWA TFHRC