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Organization, Management, and Funding

FHWAs Noise Program is administered by the Headquarters Office, part of the Office of Environment, Planning, and Realty. The program is also supported by staff from the FHWA Resource Center, part of the Office of Innovation Implementation. Headquarters manages the overall program and sets overarching program policy. The Resource Center provides noise-specific trainings and technical assistance to the FHWA Division Offices and State Departments of Transportation (State DOT).

The Noise Program is implemented by individual State DOTs, typically under the oversight of each State's FHWA Division Office. Each State DOT must develop and obtain approval for their Noise Policy from FHWA. The Noise Policy can be called many different things, and organized many different ways, but it is the State's approach to meeting the Federal requirements outlined in 23 CFR 772. Most State DOTs will primarily consider noise impacts and mitigation when they are undertaking a qualifying highway project (Type I project) as required by 23 CFR 772.  For States that have established an optional Type II Program, they may also  have  funds that allow them to support their established priority list for the Type II Program.  Type I Projects and the Type II Program are defined in 23 CFR 772.

Federal-Aid Highway Program

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the agency responsible for administering the Federal-aid Highway Program (FAHP) in accordance with Federal statutes and regulations. FHWA does not own or maintain the nation's highway system. The FAHP is a partnership between the Federal Government (FHWA) and the State DOTs, or equivalent entities. FHWA provides funds, oversight, and minimum requirements for public involvement, analysis, documentation, and design; and State DOTs select what highway projects they will undertake, where, and when.

Updated: 06/23/2022
Updated: 6/23/2022
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