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Highway Traffic and Construction Noise - Regulation and Guidance


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Title 23: Highways - Part 772-Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
July 2010 HTML  
23 CFR Part 772
On July 13, 2010, the FHWA published a final rule updating 23 CFR 772. This final rule amends sections 772.1, 772.5 to 772.17, and Table 1--Noise Abatement Criteria. Sections 772.3 and 772.19 are not amended by this final rule. The final rule required each State DOT to revise its noise policy to be in accordance with this final rule. The final rule also released an updated guidance document, an optional “Draft State Highway Agency Noise Policy Template” and eliminated the use of the TNM Lookup Tables in either form (hard copy table or executable program) to predict noise levels on Federal or Federal-aid projects.
Jul. 2010 HTML PDF (220 KB)


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FHWA Highway Noise Barrier Design Handbook
The package addresses both acoustical and non-acoustical considerations associated with highway noise barrier design. The package provides guidance on how to design a highway noise barrier which fits its surroundings and performs its intended acoustical and structural functions, with a reasonable life-cycle cost. The package also provides a state-of-the-art reference of common concepts, designs, materials, and installation techniques for professional highway engineers and acoustical designers and planners, as well as non-professional community members.
HTML 02/05/2009
Highway Traffic Noise - Guidance on Pavement as a Noise Abatement Measure HTML January, 2016
23 CFR 772 Final Rule and NEPA Reevaluations
This document provides guidance on when a highway agency should consult the FHWA to determine if a NEPA reevaluation for a highway project is needed based on July 13, 2010 23 CFR 772 final rulemaking.
HTML 07/13/2010
Noise Policy FAQs
FHWA Highway Traffic Noise Frequently Asked Questions
HTML 05/23/2012
Highway Traffic Noise: Analysis and Abatement Guidance
This document provides FHWA guidance on legislation, 23 CFR 772, noise fundamentals, analysis, and documentation of highway traffic noise and construction noise. This document supersedes the June 1995 Highway Traffic Noise Analysis and Abatement: Policy and Guidance document on July 13, 2011. This December 2011 document contains updates from what was originally released in July 2010 and updates provided in December 2010. This latest update reflects additional guidance that was identified during the process of updating State DOT noise policies. The following document list the topics where additional guidance was provided since the original release of this document in July 2010.
HTML 12/01/2011
State Highway Agency Noise Policy Template
The use of Draft State Highway Agency Noise Policy Template is optional. The FHWA is providing this document to assist highway agencies as they update their noise policies in accordance to the final rule of 23 CFR 772: Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise. Highway agencies that prefer to use a different format are welcome to do so.
HTML 07/13/2010
Construction Noise Handbook HTML August, 2006
Distribution Memorandum
Highway Traffic Noise
HTML May, 1999
Noise Measurement Field Guide - Final Report
HTML 09/13/2017
Noise Measurement Handbook
HTML 09/15/2017
Measurement of Highway-Related Noise
This report replaced a previous report titled "Sound Procedures for Measuring Highway Noise: Final Report" dated August 1981. The report incorporates improvements and changes in noise measurement technologies that have occurred over time and documents recommended procedures for the measurement of the following: (1) existing noise; (2) vehicle noise emissions; (3) noise barrier insertion loss; (4) construction equipment noise; (5) noise reduction due to buildings; and (6) occupational noise exposure. The report should be useful to all individuals involved with measurement activities related to highway traffic noise.
HTML 05/01/1996
Advanced Prediction and Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise
A recreation to enhance legibility lost due to multiple photocopies of the original. No changes to the content. A planned update meeting current standards and best practices will likely include noise emission data for todays fleet of aircraft as well as reference to the AEDT and CREATE models from FAA and FRA respectively.
HTML June, 1982
Release and Phase-In of the FHWA Traffic Noise Model Version 2.5
HTML April, 2004
Recommended Best Practices for the Use of the FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM) HTML 12/08/2015
Consideration of Existing Noise Barrier in a Type I Noise Analysis
HTML 2012
FHWA Traffic Noise Model FAQs HTML 04/01/2004
Federal Highway Administration's Traffic Noise Model (FHWA TNM), User's Guide (Version 2.5 Addendum) HTML 04/01/2004
Superseded and/or Cancelled Documents
Guidance on Quiet Pavement Pilot Programs
Superseded February 2016
HTML Jan. 2005
Highway Traffic Noise--Type I Projects
Note: This guidance has been superseded by the 772 final rule.
HTML Oct. 1998
Highway Traffic Noise Analyses for Cemeteries, Trails, and Trail Crossings
Note: This guidance has been superseded by the 772 final rule.
HTML Jun. 1995
Updated: 3/27/2019
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