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Arizona Division

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Mission, Values and Goals

FHWA Mission

The mission of FHWA is to enable and empower the strengthening of a world-class highway system that promotes safety, mobility, and economic growth, while enhancing the quality of life of all Americans.


Our core values reflect a commitment to public service, which is expressed in how we carry out our mission, the way we treat others, and our approach to our work and personal responsibilities.

Public Service: We are committed to the pursuit of professional excellence motivated by serving the public interest and providing high-quality products and timely services.

Integrity: Ethics, fairness, and honesty define the way we do our work and conduct ourselves. We have the courage both to be innovative and to make tough decisions.

Respect: We value individual diversity and the unique strengths, skills, expertise, and background of our employees. We treat others in a polite and courteous manner.

Collaboration: We maximize our collective talents through teamwork and partnerships based on mutual trust, respect, support, cooperation, and communication.

Family: We support, care about, listen to, and respond to employees and theirfamily needs.

Personal Development: Through a wide variety of learning opportunities, we nurture the development and use of leadership, technical, and professional skills in all our employees.

Strategic Goals

Reduce transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries across the transportation system.

Invest in infrastructure to ensure mobility and accessibility and to stimulate economic growth, productivity, and competitiveness for American workers and businesses.

Lead in the development and deployment of innovative practices and technologies to improve the safety and performance of the Nation’s transportation system.

Serve the Nation with reduced regulatory burden and greater efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.


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