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Arizona Division

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Staff Directory

4000 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1500
Phoenix, Arizona 85012-3500
Phone: 602-379-3646
Fax: 602-382-8998

IMPORTANT: Please use the e-mail address Arizona.FHWA@dot.gov instead of personal addresses for all formal correspondence, public inquiries, and urgent requests for information. This will ensure that your message will receive prompt and proper action.

Contact Name Title E-Mail Phone
Office of Division Administrator
Karla Petty Division Administrator (DA) Karla.Petty@dot.gov 602-379-3646
Randy Everett Assistant Division Administrator (ADA) Randolph.Everett@dot.gov 602-382-8989
Roman Moreno Finance Manager Roman.Moreno@dot.gov 602-382-8981
Braye Jombo Finance Specialist Braye.Jombo@dot.gov 602-382-8980
Project Delivery Team
Tom Deitering Project Delivery Team Leader Thomas.Deitering@dot.gov 602-382-8971
Aryan Lirange Senior Urban Engineer Aryan.Lirange@dot.gov 602-382-8973
Ammon Heier Area Engineer (District A1) - Northcentral & Northeast Ammon.Heier@dot.gov 602-382-8983
Sharon Gordon Area Engineer (District A2) - Southcentral & Southeast Sharon.Gordon@dot.gov 602-382-8972
Kimberly Utley Area Engineer (District A3) - Northwest & Southwest Kimberly.Utley@dot.gov 602-382-8975
Eunice Chan Area Engineer (District A4) - Central Eunice.Chan@dot.gov 602-382-8965
System Performance Team
Jennifer Brown Team Leader - System Performance Jennifer.Brown@dot.gov 602-382-8961
Vacant Safety Engineer   602-382-8991
Marissa Romero Bridge Engineer Marissa.Romero@dot.gov 602-382-8968
Open Operations Engineer   602-382-8960
Martha Solorzano Program Management Analyst (AZ & NM) Martha.Solorzano@dot.gov 602-382-8962
Vacant Administrative Officer   602-382-8988
Caroline Maberry Administrative Assistant Caroline.Maberry@dot.gov 602-379-3646
Planning, Environment, Air Quality, and Realty (PEAR) Team
Alan Hansen Team Leader - PEARC Alan.Hansen@dot.gov 602-382-8964
Ed Stillings Senior Transportation Planner (Planning Region 1) Ed.Stillings@dot.gov 602-382-8966
Romare Truely Community Planner (Planning Region 2) Romare.Truely@dot.gov 602-382-8978
Rebecca Yedlin Environmental Coordinator (District A-1, A-4) Rebecca.Yedlin@dot.gov 602-382-8979
Tremaine Wilson Environmental Coordinator (District A-2, A-3) Tremaine.Wilson@dot.gov 602-382-8970
Layne Patton Realty Officer (AZ & NM) Layne.Patton@dot.gov 602-382-8974
Lisa Neie Civil Rights Specialist (NM & AZ) Lisa.Neie@dot.gov 505-820-2036
Headquarters (HQ)
Sylvia Grijalva US-Mexico Coordinator (HQ) Sylvia.Grijalva@dot.gov 602-379-3646
Kelly LaRosa Office of Safety Kelly.LaRosa@dot.gov 602-379-8976
Regional IT Support
Raquel Bonner Computer Specialist Raquel.Bonner.CTR@dot.gov 602-382-8977


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