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Bridge Investment Program Grant Recipients

2022 Planning Grant Award Recipients

Planning grants announced to date under the Bridge Investment Program will provide $20 million in funding for 24 projects in 24 states. These grants will be used to create a pipeline of future bridge construction projects to improve safety, support economic competitiveness, and to provide resilient highway infrastructure that is better able to withstand the effects of climate change.

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BIP Grant Recipients Map
Applicant State Project Description Grant Award
Kodiak Island Borough AK The Kodiak Island Borough in Alaska will receive $1.28 million for the Kodiak Sargent Creek and Russian River Bridges Planning Study and other activities necessary to replace two bridges in this rural area. $1,288,000
Maricopa County AZ Maricopa County in Arizona will receive $421,600 to plan for a new bridge over the Gila River and preserve the historic integrity of the current bridge for pedestrian and bike use. The new bridge will become the first component of a planned 39-mile long regional high-capacity roadway called the Hidden Waters. $421,600
Tehama County CA Tehama County in California will receive $320,000 for a feasibility study to determine if the Woodson Bridge over the Sacramento River in Tehama County can be rehabilitated or if a new bridge must be constructed. The project will include life cycle cost analysis for both alternatives. $320,000
City of Colorado Springs CO Colorado Springs City Government in Colorado will receive $750,000 for a planning and environmental linkages study for two bridges on Fillmore Street over Monument Creek and Pikes Peak Greenway Trail and Union Pacific Railroad. $750,000
Connecticut DOT CT The Connecticut Department of Transportation will receive $1 million for a study to develop and examine preliminary alternatives for replacing the I-95 bridge near exits 7-9 through the City of Stamford. $1,000,000
Athens-Clarke County GA Athens-Clarke County in Georgia will receive $772,000 for a planning and feasibility study to rehabilitate six bridges within the county. $772,000
Gallatin County IL Gallatin County in Illinois will receive $48,000 for a planning study to replace the Peabody Road Bridge over the Saline River in Bowlesville Township in Gallatin County. $48,000
Iowa City IA The City of Iowa City will receive $300,000 to plan for bridge improvements over the Iowa River in downtown Iowa City. The plan would replace two existing bridges on Burlington Street and State Highway 1 with a single structure. $300,000
Lafourche Parish LA Lafourche Parishin Louisiana will receive $60,000 for planning, feasibility analysis, and revenue forecasting for development of a plan to replace a bridge (Old LA182) over Lafourche Bayou in Lafourche Parish. $60,000
Prince George's County MD Prince George's County in Maryland will receive $560,000 for a planning project to evaluate replacement of two bridges in poor condition: the Cherry Hill Road Bridge over Little Paint Branch and Campus Drive Bridge over Northeast Branch. The replacement project would bundle the bridges in a future construction project. $560,000
Cape Cod Bridges MA The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will receive $1,593,500 for a planning grant related to a project to replace the Bourne and Sagamore bridges over the Cape Cod Canal. $1,593,500
City of Excelsior MN The City of Excelsior in Minnesota will receive $269,900 to plan for improvements to the Minnetonka Boulevard Bridge over St. Alban's Bay of Lake Minnetonka. $269,600
Flathead County MT Flathead County in Montana will receive $240,000 for initial planning activities for 4 county bridges, including Dry Creek Bridge, Swift Creek Bridge, Baker Avenue Bridge, and Whitefish Stage Bridge. $240,000
City of Bellevue NE The City of Bellevue, Nebraska, will receive $440,000 for a Planning and Environment Linkage (PEL) Study of Fort Crook Road Bridge over Papillion Creek, Keystone Trail, Offutt Airforce Base (Offutt) levee system, and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) mainline track. $440,000
Cape May County Bridge Commission NJ The Cape May County Bridge Commission will receive $1.98 million to determine preliminary preferred alternatives to replace 4 bridges (Townsend Inlet, Corson's Inlet, Grassy Sound, and Great Channel). Two would be bundled into one large project and the remaining two would be advanced as individual bridge projects. $1,980,000
City of New York NY The City of New York will receive $1.6 million for planning and development of a 30-year capital construction program for four iconic East River Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge and Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. $1,600,000
Oklahoma DOT OK The Oklahoma Department of Transportation will receive $957,300 for planning activities to support the bridge improvement of the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge (US-70) over Lake Texoma in Bryan and Marshall Counties. $957,300
Oregon DOT OR The Oregon Department of Transportation will receive $1 million for the Hayden Island Ground Improvement Study for seismic analysis to support future project preliminary engineering work to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge over the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington State. $1,000,000
City of Philadelphia PA The City of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania will receive $1.56 million for a planning and feasibility study to rehabilitate 18 bridges located over electrified rail lines primarily operated by Amtrak and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA). $1,560,000
South Carolina DOT SC The South Carolina Department of Transportation will receive $720,000 to determine how to replace 12 rural bridges over the Great Pee Dee River floodplain, including various creeks and swamps, located in the northeast corner of South Carolina. $720,000
Hickman Couty TN Hickman County, Tennessee, will receive $120,000 for a county wide planning program to perform feasibility analysis of 213 bridges throughout the county and determine which would be most in need of work. $120,000
City of Waco TX The City of Waco, Texas, will receive $800,000 to model and develop alternatives for channel and bridge crossings for seven flood prone bridges over Primrose Creek in the City of Waco. $800,000
Utah DOT UT The Utah Department of Transportation will receive $800,000 for a feasibility study to inspect and identify treatment needs for 40 bridges along a 31-mile stretch of I-84 in rural Utah. $800,000
City of Seattle WA The City of Seattle will receive $2.4 million to plan for the replacement of the 4th Street Bridge over the Argo Railyard in the City of Seattle, following a previous seismic retrofit that identified costs were such that replacement was the best option. $2,400,000
Total     $20,000,000
Updated: 01/04/2023
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