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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 1
1893 The House Committee on Agriculture votes to insert a provision appropriating $10,000 for an office within the Department of Agriculture to conduct a road inquiry.
1906 OPR, presently using offices on the fourth floor of the Agriculture Department's main building, leases a new four-story building at 237 14th Street, SW., built in accordance with its plans, for $2,000 a year.
Photo: Office of Public Roads Building
Office of Public Roads Building.
1941 PRA's Highways for National Defense discloses an urgent need for improvement or construction of 1,500 miles of roads in military reservations and 2,830 miles of access roads to serve 192 military establishments. In requesting the report on June 21, 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt had asked PRA to focus on "the strength of bridges, the width of strategic roads, adequacy of ingress and egress from urban centers, and the servicing of existing and proposed Army, Navy, and Air bases."
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