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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 2
1952 The last contract for construction of the War Department Building [Pentagon] Road Network is completed. The PRA/BPR had awarded 47 contracts for the project, the first on November 28, 1941.
1962 The Blatnik Committee, House of Representatives, opens a hearing on right-of-way acquisition in MA. The first witness, Arthur Schoenhaut of the General Accounting Office, refers to the vulnerability of the right-of-way transaction to improper conduct and says BRP lacks sufficient personnel to administer the right-of-way program properly and to protect Federal interests.
1967 Secretary of Transportation Alan Boyd reviews hundreds of entries in a competition to design an insignia for the new USDOT. The winning entry was designed by James M. Ashworth, an FAA employee, and his family-they received a $500 savings bond. The family said that using the triskelion (a symbol of progress in heraldry) in the emblem symbolizes continual progress in development of safe, rapid, and economical transportation. Ground, air, and water transportation are depicted in the three branches of the triskelion, and the counterclockwise motion stresses USDOT efforts to reduce travel time.
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