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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 6
1901 General E. G. Harrison of Asbury Park, NJ, ORI's first object lesson road builder, dies in Washington, DC, at the age of 73. He built the first object lesson road in 1897 and continued the work, in nearly every State east of the Rocky Mountains, until the end.
Photo: Building the first object-lesson road.
Building the first object-lesson road near the New Jersey Agricultural College and Experimentation Station, New Brunswick, NJ, in 1897.
1917 In Boston, MA, at the opening of ARBA's 14th Annual Convention, Director Logan Page reads a paper on "Policy and Program of Government in Road Construction under the New Federal Aid Law," then is surprised by protracted questioning on OPR's requirement that patented pavements may be used on Federal-aid projects only if they are selected competitively at the same or less cost than equally suitable unpatented articles or methods.
"Let me again emphasize more than anything else that cooperation is the governing principle in this federal aid road work and that we should approach the subject, not from different angles, but from the same angle . . . Neither should be arbitrary, but should work together for the common interest, and I am happy in the belief that this is being done."
Logan Page
Director, OPRRE
February 6, 1917
1918 With AASHO concerned about restrictions in the transport of highway materials amid World War I transport shortages, Director General of Railroads William G. McAdoo says, "The United States Railroad Administration will cooperate with the Secretary of Agriculture by transporting materials for construction of national highways designated by it as a military or economic necessity, when the equipment is . . . not needed to move supplies for the army, navy, shipping board, or other governmental activities."
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