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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 7
1912 OPR issues Circular No. 97 on "Coke-Oven Tars of the United States" by OPR Chemist Prevost Hubbard. He prepared the circular because of the rapidly increasing use of refined coal tar in road work and the immense quantity that will become available through installation of by-product coke ovens.
1916 D. H. Winslow, OPR's Senior Highway Engineer, delivers a series of lectures to the Third North Carolina Road Institute at the University of North Carolina. The lectures discuss maintenance, with particular reference to the patrol system, under which citizens are assigned to keep their eye on specified stretches of road near their home or farm.
1983 Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor administers the oath of office to Elizabeth Hanford Dole, who becomes the first woman to serve as US Secretary of Transportation.
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