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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 12
1902 The American Road Makers Association, forerunner of ARTBA, is founded at the Cadillac Hotel in New York City. Michigan's Horatio S. "Good Roads" Earle and William S. Crandall of New York had formulated the idea during a meeting on December 8, 1901. Director Martin Dodge promptly endorsed the idea. However, of the 200 people invited to participate, only 25 answered and only 4 attend the organizational meeting (16 sent proxies). Earle chose the association's name because the acronym "ARM" meant that the association "will never lower its arm until its purpose, 'The Capital Connecting Government Highway' is attained, connecting every state capital with every other state capital, and every capital with the United States Capital-Washington."
Photo: Horatio S.  Earle
Horatio S. Earle
State Highway Commissioner of Michigan
1914 Senior Highway Engineer J. T. Voshell of OPR and Iowa State Highway Engineer Thomas H. MacDonald participate in the First Annual Conference on Concrete Road Building, held in Chicago, IL.
1942 The Southeastern Association of State Highway Officials holds its first annual meeting in Asheville, NC. PRA participants include B. I. Segall ("Metropolitan Atlanta Master Traffic Plan Study") and Wilbur B. King ("Roadside Development").
1981 Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis administers the oath of office to Federal Highway Administrator Ray A. Barnhart, who will serve longer than any "Administrator" (through December 31, 1987).
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