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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 15
1910 At the National Legislative Convention in Washington, DC, Director Logan Page speaks on "The Comparative Effect of Motor and Horse-Drawn Vehicles on Roads."
"Much unwise legislation is being indulged in both in relation to speed and taxation of the motor car, which will have to be repealed or ignored later on. Legislation now against a rich man's toy may later on be against a poor man's economy."
Logan Page
OPR Director
February 15, 1910
1936 President Franklin D. Roosevelt tells reporters he likes a proposal by Senator Robert J. Bulkley of Ohio that the Federal Government set up a public corporation to build a self-sustaining, transcontinental system of toll superhighways as a national defense and pump-priming measure.
1968 Administrator Lowell Bridwell announces a new motor vehicle safety standard requiring protective head restraints on all passenger cars manufactured after December 31, 1968. The standard is designed to reduce the frequency and severity of "whiplash" neck injuries.
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