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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 16
1914 OPR establishes a Division of Road Maintenance under E. W. James to meet growing demands for advice after local officials failed to provide for maintenance of roads built as a result of a greatly increased number of bond issues since 1910.
1914 OPR establishes a Division of National Park and Forest Roads, under T. Warren Allen, to take charge of certain road work in National Parks and Forests.
1967 At a White House reception honoring the Citizens Advisory Committee on Recreation and Natural Beauty, Secretary of Transportation Alan Boyd announces an annual awards competition to recognize public agencies and private groups for protecting, restoring, and enhancing highway beauty. The goal is to encourage "the battle against highway uglification," he says. However, the highlight of the reception occurs when the First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, presents citations recognizing the best examples of highway beautification by the States.
1983 FHWA awards $5.4 million to the New York State DOT to begin repair of the Brooklyn Bridge, the first Federal-aid funding for the historic structure.
Photo: The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge
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