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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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March 13
1915 In Washington, DC, Governor James B. McCreary of Kentucky and State Commissioner of Public Roads R. C. Terrell meet with Secretary of Agriculture D. F. Houston and OPR, receiving all available information on the best methods of developing good roads. The Governor tells a reporter, "I think I am safe in saying there is no other State in the union where good roads enthusiasm is at higher tide than in Kentucky."
Photo: D. F. Houston
D. F. Houston
Secretary of Agriculture
1918 Work is completed on a road from Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia to the Richmond-Washington highway, with BPR's C. L. Brown advising the post quartermaster.
1967 BPR Public Information Officer Robert S. Marx, speaking before the Regional Landscape Architects on "Improving the Bureau's Public Image," begins by saying that promoting the highway beautification program sometimes makes him feel "not unlike the man who pushed his mother-in-law over the cliff in his brand new Cadillac."
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