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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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March 24
1908 Director Logan Page sends a letter to officials of 49 railroad companies seeking their help in OPR's study of county and township road management. "I shall be greatly obliged if you will assist us by giving the names of such counties along the line of your road as appear to have the best systems and are obtaining the best results in the improvement of their roads without undue expense." He took this action, and called on other sources, after concluding that obtaining complete, accurate, and unbiased reports from the counties themselves would be impossible.
1960 BPR Commissioner Ellis Armstrong begins a 3-day series of hearings on the controversial issue of where to route I-64 between Louisville, KY, and St. Louis, MO. When a photographer's flash bulb explodes at the start of the third day, Armstrong comments, "I didn't expect the shooting to start so quickly."
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