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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 19
1968 Administrator Lowell Bridwell reconfirms Federal approval of proposed I-40 through Overton Park in Memphis, TN. This action follows an April 5 resolution by the Memphis City Council endorsing the park route as "feasible and prudent." On March 3, 1971, in a decision written by Justice Thurgood Marshall, the Supreme Court orders reconsideration of the decision to build I-40 through Overton Park. In addition to requiring a change in the route of I-40, which will be shifted to the northern beltway, the decision provides a basis for interpreting the "prudent and feasible alternative" requirement of Section 4(f) of the DOT Act in future cases. (Section 15 of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1966, approved September 13, 1966, adds a similar provision to Title 23, United States Code, as Section 138, "Preservation of Parklands.")
1995 Julie Anna Cirillo is appointed Regional Federal Highway Administrator in FHWA's Region 9 (San Francisco, CA). She is the first woman to become an FHWA Regional Administrator.
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