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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 20
1901 Director Martin Dodge accompanies the first Good Roads Train, sponsored by the National Good Roads Association, as it leaves Chicago, IL, for New Orleans, LA. The association pays the salary and expenses of OPRI expert Charles T. Harrison, who lectures on roads and supervises roadbuilding demonstrations along the way. Dodge later says, "This was undoubtedly the most successful campaign ever waged for good roads."
1971 Director of Environmental Policy Michael Lash opens the first FHWA Environmental Workshop for representatives of each regional office and several division offices. Associate Administrator for Right-of-Way and Environment John A. Swanson's keynote address stresses the important role FHWA must play in environmental design and analysis.
1990 On the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, Administrator Thomas Larson issues FHWA's Environmental Policy Statement, which re-dedicates FHWA to the "goal of leaving new generations with a better environment and a higher quality of life."
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