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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 21
1944 Addressing the Highway Engineers Association of Missouri in St. Louis, Deputy Commissioner of Public Roads H. E. Hilts discusses "Cooperation is Essential in Building a National System of Interregional Highways," as the Interstate System is then called.
Illustration used by H. E. Hilts, Deputy Commissioner of Public Roads, to depict limitation of acess. Photo taken in Newton, MA.

"The national role that highway transport has assumed, as the 'assembly and delivery line' for both war and peace products, is the clinching answer that can be made for the continuance of the wise policy of cooperation between the States and the Federal Government which was inaugurated by the Congress in the Federal Highway Act of July 11, 1916."
H. E. Hilts
Deputy Commissioner, PRA
April 21, 1944

1949 In New Mexico, the footings for the east portal of a tunnel on BPR's Alamogordo-Cloudcraft Forest Highway Project are poured. The work is part of a project that includes concrete lining, pneumatic mortar lining, pavement, and portals of the tunnel bore driven in 1947. Because the project involves development of the only highway tunnel in the State, the project is of considerable public interest. On November 20, 1949, the day after the tunnel is completed, over 1,000 people attend the opening ceremony.
Looking west at one of the first phases of construction on the Alamogordo-Cloudcraft Forest Highway Project. Erecting footing formwork and reinforcing steel at east portal. Engineers cross-sectioning inside tunnel.
1994 USDOT unveils "Share the Road," a national public service campaign to educate motorists on how to operate more safely amid large commercial vehicles. The campaign, administered by the Maryland DOT with a grant from FHWA, will inform motorists about limitations of trucks and buses in given situations.
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