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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 26
1911 Director Logan Page submits an application for a patent for a "process for mixing and preparing hydraulic cement concrete and the product thereof." In the application, which will be granted on August 15, 1911, Page states that, "My invention has for its object an improvement in the final product formed after the hydraulic cement mixtures or concrete mixtures have set and hardened in the usual well-known manner." The application states that the patent is "Dedicated to the Public."
1967 Winston Daniel and R. C. McIntire represent FHWA at inauguration of the last link of the Inter-American Highway in Nicaragua (Project No. 11-Nandaime-Rivas). President Lorenzo Guerrero and U.S. Ambassador Aaron S. Brown perform the ribbon cutting. The highway was constructed jointly by the U.S. and Nicaragua, with supervision by BPR.
Photo: Inter-American Highway in Nicaragua
Inter-American Highway in Nicaragua.
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