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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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May 26
1913 Work begins on the Waterloo Post Road in Lauderdale County, AL, the first to be completed under the 1913 Federal post road program. (See August 24, 1912.) The work consists of grading 14.56 miles (72,240 square yards) of road at a cost of $25,781.09 and surfacing part of this length at a cost of $2,166.05. The 12-foot wide gravel surfacing is laid on the graded earth road.
1983 Deputy Administrator Lester Lamm announces specifics of the FAST program to Facilitate Acceleration Through Special Techniques. Growing out of the Everett Bypass Demonstration Project in Pennsylvania, FAST is aimed at simplifying procedures for all highway projects. "This program can be summarized as a systematic effort to expedite projects through exceptions to normal procedures based on predetermined priority need." Mr. Steiner M. Silence, Chief of the Special Procedures Branch, is the Headquarters contact for FAST.
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