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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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July 10
1919 The first 47 of 200 government surplus war material trucks arrive in Denver, CO, most from Fort Benjamin Harrison at Indianapolis, IN. Chairman E. K. Sommers of the State Highway Commission had arranged for the shipment during a June trip to BPR in Washington, DC. At the time of the trip, J. S. Bright of BPR's Denver District Office had noted that, "There are two dumps in France, covering 9 square miles, in which you can find anything from a locomotive to a screw driver."
1961 The first of a series of "Radiological Monitoring Courses" in Region 3 is held in the North Carolina Division Office. The course is conducted by Halsey L. Mallory and D. E. Schneible.
1967 The world's leading authority on how much crash force a human being can stand, Colonel John P. Stapp of the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps, is detailed to FHWA's National Highway Safety Bureau as Chief Medical Scientist to help reduce death and injury on the Nation's highways.
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